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Family Audiobooks You’ll Love

Am I the only person whose kids like to annoy each other in the car? Surely not.

The poking, the touching, the staring and, heaven forbid, the looking at each other happens all too much. It seems like as soon as we load up into the car, the bickering starts.

I had grown to loathe car rides. The constant fighting was driving me up the wall. We tried playing I Spy, the alphabet game and singing songs but no one was interested. Instead of joining in, they’d ignore my perfectly brilliant singing and pinch their brother’s arm instead.

After a recent road trip, I knew something had to change. I had the genius idea to bring an audio book along, thinking it would be the end to my pain. But my 4 year old just wasn’t interested and the sound of him beating on his sisters drowned out the audio book.

I just couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t listen to the story when he loves read alouds. Then it dawned on me! The story was moving along too quickly and all of the “He said” at the end of nearly every sentence was throwing him off. What he needed was something with different voices, so he could differentiate each character.
I set out to find something that we could all enjoy but family audiobooks aren’t as easy to find as one would think. My well-read 13 year old simply wasn’t interested in the babyish books my 4 year old enjoyed.

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Looking for an adventure-filled family audiobooks? You can't miss Adventures in Odyssey, the hilarious stories that build character!

That all soon changed.

Adventures in Odyssey, a series of family audiobooks solved my troubles.

Before setting out on our next road trip, I scooped up a copy of Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey. We listened to all 6 stories on Up in the Air on our weekend getaway! With other family audiobooks, we couldn’t even get through one chapter before the kids got bored and started wailing on each other.  The quirky voices and added sound effects kept their attention and had them begging for more.

But what I like most about these family audiobooks is the character building stories.  Kids will learn some of the most important qualities from the adventures the fun-loving characters take you on. They will learn the true value of friendship, compassion and how God works in mysterious ways.

Through 6 exciting stories, kids will fall in love with the characters in Adventures in Odyssey. Up in the Air consists of 2 discs, which include:

Find a Penny {Part 1 and 2} with a theme of finding what is lost

Friend or Foe with a theme of true friendship

Have a Heart with a theme of God changes hearts

B-TV: Revenge with a theme of revenge

Crash Course with a theme of facing your problems

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Jam packed full of hilarious mysteries and adventures, kids will gain insight on hard topics they generally avoid. It will open up their hearts to discuss the issues with you and make them understand the importance of building a strong character.

If you’re looking to keep peace on the road, grab a copy of Adventures in Odyssey. You’ll be amazed at how family audiobooks can transform your car from a boxing ring into a space where lessons are learned and (good) memories are built.


Looking for an adventure-filled family audiobooks? You can't miss Adventures in Odyssey, the hilarious stories that build character!

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