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Face Masks for Kids: 3 Tips to Survive

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The world is changing at a rapid pace. Just months ago, we could go to the movie theater, out to eat and to school without giving it a second thought. Now, we have to grab our sanitizer, Clorox Wipes and all the face masks for kids. Our day-to-day lives have been upended and we’re living in what feels like a totally different universe.

It’s hard for kids to understand the changes we’ve had to make and it’s not been easy for anyone. By talking to your kids and explaining to your kids, you can make the transition easier but it’s still going to be a challenge. Today, I’m sharing 3 tips to make wearing face masks for kids more tolerable!

Face masks for kids can be a challenge but with these tips, you can make them more comfy and appealing to all ages!

3 Tips to Survive Face Masks for Kids

Do It Right:

Let’s face it. If we aren’t wearing our masks properly, they aren’t doing us a single bit of good. Teach your kiddos the correct way to wear their masks. Make sure their nose, mouth and chin is covered at all times. If they need to adjust their masks, make sure they understand the importance of washing their hands before and afterwards.

Face masks for kids can be a challenge but with these tips, you can make them more comfy and appealing to all ages!

We can’t expect kids to just know the correct way to wear a mask, so it’s important that we explain to them how and why we are doing what we do.

A good way to teach them is to allow them to “mask up” their favorite doll or stuffed animal. Show them how to ensure mouths, chins and noses are all covered at the same time. Seeing how a proper face mask is supposed to fit will be incredibly helpful for them.

Practice Makes…Not So Perfect:

Practice makes perfect, unless kids are involved. 😉 But the more kids wear a face mask, the more comfortable they get in it. 

Introduce your kids to their face masks long before you leave your house. Have them practice wearing their face masks around the house, in the car and while you’re running errands. This gives them time to get used to the feeling of the mask. It also ensures they have time to safely learn how to adjust and remove their masks when needed.

Make It Appealing:

Boring old disposable masks aren’t any fun! Allow kids to choose their own fun prints and designs. Our favorite masks came from Hoo Rags, an American based company. My kids are fans of the shark face mask and the mermaid print face masks, while my husband loves the American flag face mask.

Hoo Rag offers a comfortable, tube designed mask that makes it comfortable for kids. It easily covers their entire nose, mouth and chin, while eliminating the need to adjust the mask all the time.

I love that Hoo Rag face masks will be used long after COVID-19 has passed. You can wear them while fishing to keep the sun off of you, as headbands while hiking or as neck gaiters while we’re playing in the snow.

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Remembering that face masks for kids is never an ideal situation but with a little effort, we can make them more comfortable for kids to wear. With so many things to worry about in the world, your kids’ face masks shouldn’t be one of them!

Face masks for kids can be a challenge but with these tips, you can make them more comfy and appealing to all ages!

Check out our favorite Hoo-Rag face masks!