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eSingapore Math: A Proven Approach

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Singapore Math has been a leader in the homeschool industry for over 25 years. There’s no denying that they’re thorough approach works wonders with kids. But sometimes, bookwork isn’t the best way for a student to learn. With eSingapore Math, the curriculum can teach students in a whole new way!

This post is sponsored by eSingapore Math. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.

eSingapore Math is a game-changer!

eSingapore Math: Online Math Made Easy

Singapore Math has been a leader in the homeschool industry for over 25 years and for good reason! Students master concepts using visuals instead of your typical boring math problems. Over 1,000,000 students have used Singapore Math to grow and learn.

eSingapore Math is a state-of-the art technology platform that teaches in a way that students truly understand. Problems are presented in a clear fashion and students engage in each problem.

Full Curriculum:

eSingapre Math offers a full curriculum for grades K-5. With over 1,000 lessons and 30,000 exercises and assessments, it covers all necessary concepts.

If your child is struggling in math, it’s also a great resource to use to help them build a solid foundation. It really helps kids fully understand and grasp important concepts in the early years.

The simple approach helps students develop reasoning instead of just memorizing math facts.

eSingapore Math is a game-changer!

Instant and Consistent Grading:

One of the biggest hurdles that many busy homeschool families face with traditional Singapore Math is that they don’t have the time or energy to teach their child. Or perhaps it’s the fact that many adults despise math themselves. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that math can be a booger to teach.

eSingapore Math offers instant and consistent grading. Students know right away if they missed a problem and are able to see exactly what they did wrong. This is a very important part of learning, so you learn to see mistakes right away, while it’s still fresh in their minds.

Exercises and tests are auto-graded and a detailed analysis is available for both the child and parent to see exactly what was completed and how the student performed.

eSingapore Math is a game-changer!

Effective Curriculum:

eSingapore Math is an effective online curriculum that uses games, videos and visuals to helps students comprehend the topics that are being taught.

The curriculum doesn’t use a traditional boring ol’ textbook, but instead captures students attention with fun graphics, engaging lessons and detailed math problems.

Parents can assign lessons, exercises and assessments as they wish. Post tests and benchmark practice exercises make sure students are fully grasping the concepts.

eSingapore Math is a game-changer!

Placement Tests:

If you’re like me, you hesitate to switch from one curriculum to the next in fear of leaving educational gaps in your child’s curriculum. With eSingapore’s thorough placement tests, you can rest assured that your child will learn all they need to know and fill those gaps accordingly.

eSingapore Math is a game-changer!


When it comes to homeschooling, math curriculum eats up a big chunk of our annual budget. But eSingapore Math is actually affordable! For under $100 a year, families can get access to grades K-5, Adaptive Learning and all games! It works out to be $8.25 per month for the Platinum Family Membership.

There are cheaper options of eSingapore Math available but holy moly! For the price of one latte, you can get the whole she-bang!

eSingapore Math is a game-changer!


So many homeschool families struggle to fit in learning between soccer practice, piano class, trips to Grandma’s, doctor visits, vacations and everything else life tends to throw at you. With eSingapore Math, you don’t even need a textbook! All that’s required is a strong internet connection.

That means learning can take place in the library, at home, in waiting rooms or wherever it needs to happen! As long as you have a tablet or laptop with internet access, you’re good to go!

If you’re looking for a tried and true method of learning math concepts, without the headache of teaching it yourself, you can’t miss out on eSingapore Math! It’s the latest development in online adaptive technology and is taking the homeschool world by storm!

Check out eSingapore Math today!

eSingapore Math is a game-changer!