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Raise an Entrepreneur with The Kingdom Code

One of our very most important reasons for yanking our kids out of public school and keeping them at home with us was so we could teach them life skills. We wanted them to know how to can food from the garden, sew or mend their clothing and budget their money. We wanted to give them the knowledge and skills to become an entrepreneur so they wouldn’t need to rely on others to create the life of their dreams.

It didn’t take me long to realize there were some things that I simply didn’t know how to teach. I could YouTube my way through teaching them to cook, pre-treating laundry stains and changing oil. But other subjects I was pretty clueless in. For example, how could I teach my kids to become an entrepreneur when I wasn’t one myself?

So, I started looking for ways. But talk about information overload! A quick Google search will result in thousands of results, all sounding more like “get-rich-quick-schemes” than actual hard work. That wasn’t what I had hoped for, so I pushed it out of my mind for a few months.

Then I found The Kingdom Code.

I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.

Step-by-step tips to help kids budget and become an entrepreneur! Best of all, it's actually FUN! #kids #thekingdomcode #homeschoolers #homeschooling #budget #kidsbudget #learningtosave

Not only did The Kingdom Code have all the work done for me, it went a step beyond what I’d hoped and helped my kids discover HOW to become and entrepreneur. With worksheets and ideas to help get them started, they simply had to come up with business ideas that interested them and fill in the details. For us, we ended up with The Prickly Pair, my daughters’ slime shop.

Using the worksheets, the kids determined that a slime business would turn the most profit, while still allowing them to do something they genuinely enjoy. By comparing the profit of each idea, they saw that it would be the best fit for them.  We came up with a lot of fun options that they’ll likely try in the future.

What Is The Kingdom Code?

I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a program as thorough and well-put-together as The Kingdom Code. After all of the curriculum that I’ve used and reviewed over the years, The Kingdom Code has done something amazing: taught my kids to not only budget, but also generate an income while making it FUN.  By using colorful and engaging illustrations and photos, kids get drawn into the curriculum and want to do more and more!

Some of my favorite concepts taught to the young entrepreneur:

  • Look people in the eye when talking
  • Learn to return phone calls or messages when people are expecting to hear from you
  • What to expect when visiting a bank and how to act
  • Having a budget puts YOU in control of your money
  • The importance of common sense in your business
  • Try new things with an open mind

But one of my most favorite things this curriculum teaches is how to budget. Because, let’s be honest, most adults don’t know how to do this and those who do had to learn the hard way. (Trust me, I know all about that!)

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The Kingdom Code teaches entrepreneurs to take control of their money and budget using the JOEYS system. Using simple money pouches and the easy-to-use curriculum, it takes saving and budgeting to another level.


Jesus: 10%

First things first, set aside 10% of your money to donate to Jesus. Forming this habit from a young age will set a good foundation for the rest of their life. And if you do it right away and make it a habit, you won’t even miss the money.

Others: 5%

Teaching your kids to give to others is a great way to show them how it feels to help others. Whether they choose to donate to an animal shelter or buy a coffee for the person in line behind them, it’s a great habit that will show them that it really is better to give than to receive.

Education: 10%

Have you priced college these days? One glance at the price tag and it’ll make you start stressing the cost, but it doesn’t have to. Even if you don’t save enough to pay for college in full, you can at least have a nice little chunk of money to help you survive the struggle of college. They may even be able to splurge and buy a pack of hotdogs to go with their Ramen Noodle breakfast. 😉
Even if your entrepreneur isn’t headed to college, you still need to save 10%. Chances are, they’ll need some sort of training or class in the future. They may opt for beauty school or to be a photographer, but they’ll likely need money to further their education and polish their skills.

You: 60%

The most fun part of making money is spending it! Kids love blowing through their allowance but you’d be surprised how working hard for their money makes them hang on to it a little bit tighter. Teach them that it’s okay to splurge on themselves once in a while. They deserve it!

Savings: 15%

Savings. It’s a tough subject for many adults but it’s something that’s absolutely necessary. You should always prepare for a rainy day because it will eventually rain and when it does, it’ll probably pour. Teach your kiddos to be prepared for the rain by having a little bit of savings to cushion the blow.

If you’re looking for a curriculum to help guide your entrepreneur through everything, from picking a logo to managing their profits, check out The Kingdom Code. It’ll teach them healthy money habits that they’ll thank you for, for the rest of their lives.

It’s never too young to start being responsible with money!

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Step-by-step tips to help kids budget and become an entrepreneur! Best of all, it's actually FUN! #kids #thekingdomcode #homeschoolers #homeschooling #budget #kidsbudget #learningtosave

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