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40 Educational Math Board Games

Thousands of people across the world struggle with math. Learning with pencil and paper is no fun and the numbers just don’t make sense. But one easy way to ease the struggle is to introduce them to educational math games. No longer is math boring and dull but full of excitement and strategy. Sharpen your skills and brain when you use a different approach to make your kids understand and fall in love with math.

40 of the top educational math board games on the market! Take your #familygamenight to the next level!Educational Math Board Games for the Whole Family

Fraction Formula:

It’s a race to 1 with this fun and fast-paced game. Kids will match their fraction cards to their tiles, trying to get it as close as possible, without going over.

Dutch Blitz:

This quick and easy to learn card game is the perfect addition to family game nights. Players will race against each other, trying to get rid of their pile of cards. The twist is that you don’t take turns. You simply have to be faster to win!

Prime Club:

Players will roll the dice and then add, subtract, divide or multiply to try to get to the center of the board. Using Prime Club’s unique color coding, kids will have a blast while mastering math skills.


40 amazing educational math board games the whole family will love!

This classic game teaches so much more than just math skills. With the curve balls of life, you’ll need to learn to bend, adjust and budget accordingly. Kids will get a kick out of this fun game and parents will enjoy stepping back into their childhood.

Say Cheese Cafe:

The no-nonsense way that Logic Roots uses games to master multiplication is amazing. The kids are so excited about the game that they hardly realize they’re practicing their multiplication facts along the way.

Go Nuts:

This quick and easy to learn game can be played in just 15 minutes, making it perfect for a Brain Break during school hours. Simply roll the dice and rack up your points, being careful not to let the squirrel scurry away with your loot.


If you’re looking for a game that can be played solo or with friends, this is a fun game to get you started. Perfect for travel, this fast paced game keeps your mind sharp as you try to make as many SETs as possible.

Math Rush:

If you’re looking for a way to improve your kids’ addition and subtraction skills, Math Rush is the perfect choice! It’s much more fun that flashcards and helps build your child’s math memory.

Math Tic Tac Toe:

Kids can work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and complex calculations with this fun game. The rules are simple so you can pick up and get started right away. I love that this game grows with your kids, so you’ll be able to play it as their skills grow.

Phase 10:

Conquer each phase in this classic card game, as you hoot and holler with fun. The rummy-type card game with a twist has been a favorite for years and is a blast to play with the whole family.

Money Bags:

Learn valuable money skills through fun play with this inexpensive board game. Kids will learn to combine coins to make exact amounts as they race to the finish line!


This risk-taking game is fun for all ages. Roll the dice to get the best combinations possible and score the most points. But be careful, one foul roll can make you lose all the points you’ve earned that round!

Sums in Space:  

Help kids memorize their addition and subtraction facts, while learning less than, more than and equal to, as well as odd and even numbers. These vital skills are the building blocks of math, so make sure the kids really understand it by making it fun!


Use tiles to create crossword-style equations! The “mathematic version of Scrabble” is both challenging and exciting enough for all ages!


This easy-to-learn game is perfect for the whole family! Use your tiles to score and block opponents, while claiming as much “territory” as possible.

Doubles Wild:

Race to get the most 3-in-a-row during this fast-paced dice game.  Use strategy to win the game where doubles are WILD!


This classic shake, shout and score game is the ultimate dice game! Roll a full house, straight, 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind for extra points!

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More Educational Math Board Games:

Pet Me:

Players will find adorable pets in the park, use division to feed them and earn hearts as they go. This fun division game pairs perfectly with Say Cheese Cafe, which teaches multiplication.


Race to play all of your cards before your opponents in this triangle-shaped board game. If you’re looking for a fun way to review math facts, this is it!

Math Dice:

Play hundreds of math games using the dice or choose one of the games listed in the booklet.

Sleeping Queens:

Between potions, dragons and knights, you’ll have to be careful when waking the sleeping queens. Each card is hilariously illustrated and the quick game is always a hit.

Sequence:40 amazing educational math board games the whole family will love!

This game is easy enough for children but exciting enough for adults! Compete to create rows, columns or diagonal rows of 5 using the provided checkers.

Clumsy Thief:

Steal points from opponents as you make sums of 100 using the cards you’ve been dealt. With a quick grab, you can reduce others’ points while racking up your own!


One of the best-selling games of all time, this classic strategy game is fast-paced and super fun. With more than 2,000 possible combinations, the game is guaranteed to be different every time you play.


Who knew picking up stones could be so fun?  This ancient game from Africa and Egypt can be played a few different ways. It’s simple but the strategy makes it exciting for all. This is one of our favorite board games, although only 2 players can play at a time. It’s such a hit that my kids don’t mind waiting their turn.


Master addition, memorization and strategy skills in this fun card game. Kids of all ages will enjoy this one!

Pass the Pig:

With either 2 or 4 players, opponents will race to reach 100 points before the other players. Watch out for a “Pig Out” or an “Oinker” because they’ll spoil your turn!


Switch cards with other players in a hurry! You want to get all of your cards in sequential order before your opponents in this fast-moving game.

Pizza Party:   

Roll the dice to create a slice! Keep rolling until you have all the ingredients on your slice of pizza, then grab another slice and keep going. The frantic game will end when one player completes an entire pizza!

Race to the Treasure:

Players will work together to beat the ogre to the treasure in this adventurous game. Along the way, kids will learn strategy and math-grid skills.

Pay Day:

Parents and kids will both love this old-school game, originally created in 1975. In about 15 minutes, players can complete 2 rounds of this fun game, while making deals on property and stashing away the most cash by the end of the game.


Beat the clock to place each shape into its home. Once time is up, they’ll all pop back up and you’ll have to start all over again!

Sum Swamp:

Avoid the hilarious pitfalls of Sum Swamp while sharpening math skills. Best for ages 5-6 but will be enjoyed by older kids, as well.

Five Crowns:

Easy to learn with tons of replay value, Five Crowns is a card game all ages will love. You’ll need both skill and luck to finish the game, as anyone can be a comeback-kid in the last round!

40 amazing educational math board games the whole family will love!


Add a challenging twist to the classic “Connect Four” game by playing it on a circular board. Made of wood, this family favorite is sure to jump to the top of your favorites list, as well.


Place your marbles and twist your blocks in this logic and problem-solving game. Made of real wood, this game is sure to last for years to come.

Money Matters for Kids:

Kids will learn all about money with this game for all ages. Using play money, dice, cards and pawn make it extra fun for little ones.

Pizza Fraction Fun:

Explore fractions with any of the 7 different ways to play this hands-on game. Nothing brings fractions to life quite like pizza or pie, so kids will enjoy playing this game time and time again.


There’s nothing quite like this classic game to teach your kiddos the value of money, buying property and going to jail. The only downfall is that one game can take hours upon hours to play. And the losing opponent ALWAYS wants a rematch. 😉

Balance Beans:

Sharpen your logic skills with this fun see-saw game. With challenges that range from easy to hard, kids from ages 5 and up will love this game!

Shut the Box:

Roll the dice and mix and match numbers to equal the number you need. If you roll a 6 and a 1, you can use any math equation to hit the number you need to shut. (You could add, and shut the number 7. Or subtract and get a 5. You can even multiply or divide and get a 6!)

Ocean Raiders:

Master addition while trying to beat the storm and the whirlpool. This is a great way to introduce both single and double-digit addition to young kiddos.

Whew! There you have it! Our favorite 40 educational math board games!

Which is your favorite?

40 of the top educational math board games on the market! Take your #familygamenight to the next level!