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5 Eco-Friendly Habits to Teach Your Kids

Going green or being eco-friendly is great for the environment. From gardening to picking up trash, there are countless ways to make an impact and live a sustainable lifestyle. Encouraging your family to embrace some eco-friendly habits and concepts will definitely help in improving your lifestyle. Children always observe and imitate. What we teach them today will undoubtedly affect their tomorrow. By following and adopting certain eco-friendly habits they can have a sustainable and healthier planet. 

Establishing eco-friendly habits can really make a difference and it's just a small change!

If you are a parent and are looking for some easy eco-friendly habits, here are a few tips and tricks that might help you:


Benefit from Being Outdoors

A great way to teach your kids to care about the environment is to simply spend time in nature. This simple trick to make them appreciate and respect the value of spending time outdoors. Going for walks or riding bicycles is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, you get some fun healthy exercise. 

The Three R’s 

Recycling is easy and in some communities it is mandatory. Children are quick learners and they might have already come across the three R’s rules in school. It is important to teach your kids on how to sort items and place them in the right bins or teach them to turn off the lights and fans while leaving the room to conserve electricity. Encourage them to reduce food wastage and indulge them in composting. Kids would like to play with mud and get messy and dirty. This could be a fun activity for the family. Simple practices like these will ensure they understand the importance of the precious resources available to us. 


Gardening is an excellent eco-friendly activity that will not only teach your children about the environment but it can be a fun family activity as well. It also encourages a healthy eating habit –– more fruits and vegetables, less meat and processed food. It’s a great opportunity to learn about plants and bond with your child. Everything you do, has an impression on your child so whether you have a backyard or a small space in an apartment. You can still have an impact on your child’s lifestyle.


There are plenty of organizations and groups that participate in go-green activities such as planting trees, cleaning a beach, etc. These organizations are constantly looking for people who can assist them in their journey to build a sustainable and healthier planet. This is a great experience for your kids to experience the situation first hand. These initiatives bring in people from different parts of the city and a great place to make friends who share similar interests. You can also involve parents from your neighborhood to spread the importance of having an eco-friendly society. 

Eco-friendly Products

The first step is introducing eco friendly products to your child and family. You can teach them how to shop in ways that will be beneficial for the environment. One of the most important eco-friendly habits you can implement in your family is introducing them to products that are eco-friendly and using organic produce which is healthy. You can reduce carbon footprint by reducing the number of clothes purchases or reuse products like plastic jars, tin cans, and old clothes. Smart purchases and choices will have a direct impact in green living and a sustainable lifestyle. A small change in using bamboo toothbrushes will have a big impact on the environment.  

Establishing eco-friendly habits can really make a difference and it's just a small change!

Every action will have an impact on the changing world and environment. When children learn these practices from a young age, they are more likely to carry these eco-friendly habits as they get older. It is important to spend time and prepare them in every step of the way.

As kids learn to accept and opt for eco-friendly habits, they will make this world a better place.

Establishing eco-friendly habits can really make a difference and it's just a small change!

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