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Eat Your Way Around the World with eat2explore

Check out how we use eat2explore in our homeschool!

When we first started homeschooling, I searched high and low for the perfect hands-on geography for homeschoolers. I had a list of things I wanted but I simply couldn’t find it.

We love to travel so it was very important that we find something that allows us to explore the world around us, even when we can’t leave our homes. It creates a sense of wonder, gives us travel inspiration and helps us understand the people who live in the places we visit.

I found an amazing cookbook that seemed like the answer to my prayers but once we started using it, I couldn’t find most of the ingredients that I needed. I was ordering things online, if I was even able to find them. The idea was great but it just wasn’t doable while living in rural America.

But then I found eat2explore, a monthly subscription box that takes your taste buds on a trip around the world! It was the perfect way to teach geography, while still enjoying a taste of the lands.

This post is a paid partnership with eat2explore.
All opinions are my own.
My FAVORITE way to teach geography in our homeschool is with the eat2explore box. It takes us all around the world and is SO much fun!

Why Being in the Kitchen is Important for Kids

Kids learn so many life skills by joining you in the kitchen! It may seem like you’re just cooking a meal, but in reality, you’re equipping them with skills and knowledge they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

  • Learn basic knife skills
  • Understand measurements
  • Food preparation
  • Working together in the kitchen
  • Follow instructions
  • Basic health and nutrition knowledge
  • Cooking terms (basting, roasting, cut in, sear, etc.)
  • Menu planning
  • Washing fruits and vegetables
  • Understanding how food changes when cooked

There’s no denying the list of skills kids learn in the kitchen could go on and on!

Since using eat2explore, our kids have improved their chopping skills, increased their fine motor skills and learned to properly read recipes and follow them exactly.
The kids have loved helping in the kitchen and I love that I don’t have to beg them to help. The recipes are simple enough that they don’t get frustrated and Emersyn can make most of the recipes on her own, without much help. This has motivated her to find more recipes she can cook independently!

Anytime we can work together as a family to get dinner on the table and still enjoy sitting down and enjoying the meal together is a huge win in my book!

All About eat2explore

How It Works:

Choose Your Adventure:

You can pick and choose which eat2explore box you want to receive or you can sign up for the monthly subscription. I love the ease and surprise of getting the box automatically delivered in the mail each month.

Add Fresh Ingredients:

Each eat2explore box comes with a shopping list, and all the sauces and spices you’ll need to create the delicious meals. The shopping list includes the easy-to-find ingredients that pair perfectly with the sauces and spices they send in each box. No need to scour shelves of every store in town. They’ve included the hard-to-find sauces and spices, making shopping a breeze!

Enjoy Your Time Together:

The best part of the eat2explore boxes is the connection it provides. While it may just seem like you’re cooking dinner together, you’re creating memories and building life skills for your kids.

Turn on some background music from the country you’re studying and bop around the kitchen while you cook. Trust me, your kids will look back on these moments for years to come!

Included in eat2explore Box:

3 recipe cards

Essential spice/sauce/grain mixes

Shopping list for fresh ingredients

Country Explorer brochures

Educational activity sheets

Fun cooking tools

Collectibles (passport, country sticker, flag pins)

How We Use eat2explore to Teach Geography in Our Homeschool

Locate the country on a map:

We cook one of the eat2explore recipes once a week and each time we do, we begin by locating the country on our map. This gives us plenty to talk about while we are preparing the meal.

Take note of what surrounds the country. Talk about how the area influences the types of food that people eat.

Ask open-ended questions:

I like to ask my kids age-appropriate questions like “Why do you suppose they eat so many crab cakes in northern USA?”

I ask things like, “What do you suppose life is like for the fisherman in Europe?” or “How do you think the Great Wall of China has effected their food choices?”

Simple questions can really spark a lot of thought.

Watch a short video

There are thousands of educational videos for kids on YouTube. A quick search for “Geography for Kids” followed by the country you’re learning about will turn up all sorts of videos to choose from.

We love Miacademy Learning Channel for easy-to-understand yet thorough videos.

Hit up the library

Of course, the library will provide you with plenty of books based on the country you’re studying. We try to read one book each week to go along with our eat2explore box.

If you don’t have time to sift through the thousands of books at your local library, simply log into your online library account and reserve the books you want. The librarians will pull the books and have them ready and waiting for you to pick up.

Do a fun hands-on activity

I generally come up with an activity while we’re reading about the country we’re learning about. But if you aren’t creative enough to come up with your own ideas, let Pinterest do the dirty work for you! Simply type in the country you’re learning about in your eat2explore box plus the words “hands-on activity” in the Pinterest search bar. You’ll receive more than enough ideas for arts, crafts and fun activities to do while learning geography.

FAQ About eat2explore

What ages is this best for?

The recommended age is 5 and up but personally, I never think it’s too young to get your kiddos in the kitchen with you! So many memories can be made during the dinner hours yet they often get overlooked. Toddlers, kiddos and teens alike will all enjoy the fresh tastes of new foods.

Which countries are currently available?

This is a tough question because the countries change occasionally. Currently, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, USA, China, Japan, India, Mexico, Singapore, Israel, Morocco, Lebanon, Ethiopia and Brazil are available.

Our family is on a strict diet due to food allergies. Can we still use eat2explore?

The ingredients are handled in facilities that process milk, eggs, fish, crustacean
shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, gluten, and sulfites. It’s best to use your own judgment when it comes to deciding what you can and cannot have. However, sauces and mixes include a breakdown of ingredients to help ensure you stay safe and healthy.

Grab your eat2explore subscription box today!

My FAVORITE way to teach geography in our homeschool is with the eat2explore box. It takes us all around the world and is SO much fun!

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My FAVORITE way to teach geography in our homeschool is with the eat2explore box. It takes us all around the world and is SO much fun!