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Easy Lion Themed Snack for Kids

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One of my very favorite things about homeschooling is the ability to turn everything into a learning experience! I love setting up a weekly theme for the kiddos to really dive deep into a subject. These lion themed snacks were perfect when my son was going through a “Lion King” phase. 

When I plan a unit study, I like to think of books, movies, YouTube channels, snacks and art projects based around that topic. Then we spend the whole week just diving into the activities and learning all about what we’re studying.

What I love most about this easy lion themed snack is that I generally have all the ingredients in my fridge! That means, I can whip this up anytime, even when we’re not studying lions.

I love this lion themed snack! It's easy to whip up and goes great with so many of our crafts, activities and unit studies!

Quick & Easy Lion Themed Snack


Graham crackers: 1 for each lion, cut in half
Matchstick carrots: About ¼ cup of carrots for each lion
Blueberries: You’ll need 2 for each lion
Strawberries: ½ a strawberry for each lion
Black or chocolate licorice strings : 1 for each lion, cut into small pieces
Peanut butter : You’ll need about 1 tablespoon for each lion

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1. Spread nut butter over graham cracker half and top with other cracker half.
2. Place two blueberries for the lion’s eyes and ½ strawberry (stem removed) for the lion’s
nose. Arrange licorice pieces as whiskers.
3. Around the graham cracker, line the matchstick carrots to resemble a lion’s mane.

Add more fun to your homeschool by learning all about lions while eating this snack!

Lion Books:

National Geographic for Kids: Lions

Face-to-Face with Lions

Safari Readers: Lions

When Your Lion Needs a Bath

Everything Big Cats

Lion Movies:

The Lion King

Secondhand Lions

White Lion

Lionsrock: Return of the King

Lions Behaving Badly

Lion Unit Studies:

Lion Lapbook & Printables

Interest-Led Lion King Study

Lion Lapbook Unit Study

If you’re anything like us and you enjoy a fun learning theme, this easy lion themed snack is perfect for you!

I love this lion themed snack! It's easy to whip up and goes great with so many of our crafts, activities and unit studies!

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