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Easy Christmas Decor That Kids Can Make

What better way to decorate your home this season than with some simple Christmas decor that kids can make?

The best part about these easy crafts is that you can keep them to use year after year, long after your kiddos have grown and flown the nest.

Christmas decor kids can make!

Simple Christmas Decor That Kids Can Make

Paper Plate Rudolph Craft

All you need for this craft project are  some paper plates, googly eyes and other pieces of red construction paper! Cut out the triangle nose, attach to the plate using glue or tape before letting your children decorate. Once they are done adding features you can hang up around the house for Christmas!

Pasta Christmas Tree Craft

This craft is a great way to keep your kids busy as they make their Christmas decorations. All you need for this project are some dried pasta and glue! Once the glue has dried, paint them green and then decorate however you see fit.

Pinecone Wreath

Give your child a bunch of pinecones and have them arrange them in a circle. Once the wreath is finished, they can paint it with their favorite colors or tie bows to each one as another fun decoration!

Christmas decor kids can make!

Reindeer Baubles

All you need for this craft are some baubles, googly eyes and glue. Simply add the two together to create a reindeer decoration!

Cupcake Case Christmas Trees

To make these Christmas trees, use red and green cupcake liners. Place the Christmas trees on cards or in a garland for further decoration.

Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament

If you have a bunch of pinecones that are not good enough to serve as a wreath, you can always turn them into ornaments for your Christmas tree. This is an excellent way to teach children about the different types of trees in nature while also getting some extra decoration on your home this holiday season!

Christmas decor kids can make!

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

This craft is great, not only will it keep your children busy for hours but they’ll have a blast making them. To make the snowman you simply need to take some toilet paper rolls and glue on googly eyes, buttons or anything else you can think of!

Jingle Bell Snowmen Crafts

Jingle bells have never been so fun as when you make them into these cute little snowmen! All you need are some bells, googly eyes and a glue gun or tape. Simply place the jingle bell on top of the construction paper before letting your children add in details with their paintbrushes or markers!

Paper Chains

Paper chains are a traditional decoration that is fun to make. Tie each one together with yarn or string and you will have an entire strand of decorations for around your tree!

Christmas decor kids can make!

Pinecone Reindeer Ornament

If you’re looking for a simple yet festive ornament  this Christmas then this pinecone reindeer is the perfect choice! All you need to make it are some googly eyes, glue and a red pom-pom. Simply attach them together with the glue before hanging on your tree for everyone to see!

Felt Wreath

This is a simple craft that has the added benefit of teaching about shapes. All you need to do is cut out different circles, ovals and squares in various colors and then glue them together into wreath shape!

Christmas decor kids can make!

Christmas Popsicle Craft

This is a great idea for kids who are getting bored with the traditional craft ideas. All they need to do is take some popsicle sticks and glue them into circles or squares and add some Christmas stickers to them. Once they dry you have a cute decoration!

Cinnamon Stick Reindeer Ornament

This craft is easy to make and your children can use their artistic skills to decorate it however they see fit! All you need are some cinnamon sticks, googly eyes and glue. Simply paint the stick white before letting them create a cute reindeer ornament.

No-Sew Sock Snowman

All you need for this project is a few socks and some buttons. Have your child stuff the socks with stuffing to make their snowman, sew on the eyes and then add a button nose! This craft will keep them busy for hours as they create different versions of their new friend!

Christmas decor kids can make!

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

This craft is a great idea for kids who want to use their creativity. They can paint a paper plate green and once it’s dry simply cut one into thirds and stack on top of one another. Pom-poms and ribbons can be used to create ornaments and garlands. They can add all kinds of different decorations. It will be an adorable decoration that your family will love!

Paper Plate Santa Craft

Create this adorable craft by using red  and white paper plates, googly eyes and paint. You can even add some cotton balls for the beard!

Paper Snowflakes

Tear up sheets of paper into small pieces with different shapes. Start folding these pieces together until they form a snowflake shape. This will not only teach your children about symmetry but it will also give you something beautiful to hang in your home this year!

Christmas decor kids can make!

Paper Straw Christmas Trees

All you need for this craft is paper straws and Christmas stickers. Simply cut the straws into different lengths, starting with a long one on bottom to short ones at top. Then let your children place stickers all over them! Once they are done, simply hang around the house or string together to create garland!

Santa Handprint Santa Craft

Take some red and white paint, a piece of paper and your child’s hand to create this fun craft. Simply let them paint their hand in the desired color and then press down on cardstock! Once you remove their hand they’ll have a print add the details to make the handprint look like Santa!

Salt Dough Ornaments

This craft is great for the whole family to get involved with. Mix together salt, flour and warm water until you have a dough-like consistency. Then let your children mold it into their desired shapes! They can paint them once they are finished depending on what look you are going for this holiday season.

Christmas decor kids can make!

Spend some time with your family this year, creating some easy Christmas decor that kids can make. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

Christmas decor kids can make!