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Easy Art Lessons for Kids

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A few years ago, after an exhausting month-long search for easy art lessons for kids, I signed my daughters up for a local art class. By the time we factored in the cost of the class, supplies we had to purchase and our gas running the kids back and forth to the class, we payed way more than we’d expected. But the price wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was sitting in the cramped “parent room,” waiting for the class to be over, while trying to entertain a toddler, who only found joy in crushing his Cheerios into the carpet and launching them at the other impatient moms.

After seeing how much my kids had learned and watching the small amount of improvements they made in the class and watching how their attitudes started to reflect the other “not-so-kind” students, it was a no-brainer. We would find another way to add art lessons to our homeschool.

Determined home-body that I am, I set out to find high-quality and easy art lessons for kids that I could do right from the comfort of my home.

I didn’t want something that would take a ton of time, materials or space. I wanted something quick and easy that taught how to create art, not crafts. (Because, ya’ll, I can craft with the very best of them. Art is a whole ‘nother ballgame, though!)

{I received a free trial to Sparketh to review. I was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own and were not required.}

Finally! Fun and easy art lessons for kids that you can do at home!

Enter Sparketh,

It seemed to be the answer to my prayers so the first thing I did was hop over to Amazon and place an order for the materials we didn’t already have.

Most of the items needed for Sparketh’s easy art lessons for kids were things we already owned.

I chose to buy a good set of drawing pencils, drawing pens, high-quality markers, and a set of blending stumps. Everything else, we had on hand and, although it may not be as high of quality, it would work.

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As soon as our supplies arrived, I gave the kids an art test. With this test, there was no fail or passing grade. I simply instructed them to draw a hamburger. I walked them through the steps of what I wanted on it, vaguely using Sparketh as a guide. Once they’d completed their hamburger, I turned them lose with Sparketh’s online instructions. I was anxious to see how big of a difference Sparketh’s easy art lessons for kids would make.  As you can see, it made a world of difference. The details and helpful instruction were just what we had been missing!

Finally! Fun and easy art lessons for kids that you can do at home!

Finally! Fun and easy art lessons for kids that you can do at home!

Finally! Fun and easy art lessons for kids that you can do at home!  Finally! Fun and easy art lessons for kids that you can do at home!

With the quick and easy-to-understand lessons, Sparketh is the perfect fit for our family. We can grab our supplies, settle in for a  quick lesson and be done in half an hour. (Some lessons are longer, some are shorter.)

We can choose to paint a gorgeous canvas using oil paint, create bold art with chalk pastels or simply work on our drawing techniques. With so many options, we no longer struggle to fit art into our homeschool. Now, we look forward to doing art, not just as a part of our homeschool, but as a fun and affordable family activity.


Grab your free 1 month trial of Sparketh today and watch your kids fall in love with art!

Finally! Fun and easy art lessons for kids that you can do at home!

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