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A Dozen Fun Egg-tivities for Homeschoolers


One of the many simple things in life that you never really notice.  Once you do, you discover so many amazing components working together to make it exactly what it needs to be. From the extraordinary strength of the shell to the perfectly placed air sac, it is a reassuring reminder of God’s attention to every little detail.

Spring is the promise of new beginnings, fresh starts and the beginning of new life.   The fresh green grass peeking through the brittle remnants of last year’s lawn. The first dandelions springing happily from the ground.  The early morning singing of new birds. The scent of bleach as I begin my spring cleaning, wiping away the last signs of winter. 

Spring always inspire us to buckle down and get busy on our school work. The dreary months of winter are behind us and we can finally look ahead. Summer is almost within our grasp.

What better way to celebrate spring than with educational egg activities?

Spring has sprung! These educational egg activities are perfect for some hands-on learning with little supplies needed!

 Break an Egg with Your Bare Hands:

The trick is to make sure you spread your hand evenly over the egg…and to try this outside, just in case your kids possess super-human strength. 😉

Finish a Silly Sentence:

Ask your kiddos to finish this sentence: “If I could egg anyone’s house in the whole world, I would throw eggs at __________.” Give them bonus points for using words like “eggs-ceptional” or “eggs-ellent.”

Participate in an Egg Drop:

When I was a kid, my favorite day at school was known as “Egg Drop Day.” Our parents would help us construct the most elaborate containers to keep our eggs safe. The principal would climb to the top of the gymnasium roof and drop the eggs, one by one, to the ground, while all the kids were gathered around to watch. It was so fun seeing which designs worked and which ones didn’t work at all. Most designs that incorporated a plastic bag “parachute” survived while those without padding did not. An egg in a jar of peanut butter is usually a good idea, too.  Turn the kiddos loose and let them construct their own designs to protect the eggs. Climb onto your roof and drop them all from the same height and see who’s egg survives the drop.

Test Newton’s Law of Inertia: 

The kids will LOVE this fun science experiment from Steve Spanglers Science. Do you think you can make the egg drop into the water without a huge mess?

A dozen educational egg activities for all ages! Build a nest, DIY chocolate eggs, experiments and MORE! Gotta try these!Build a Nest:

Birds build their nests according to their needs. Have your kiddos gather twigs, grass and anything else they can find. Make sure they use mud as the glue that holds their nest together. *Fun fact: most birds only use their nests for breeding purposes and to keep their eggs and young safe from predators. Once the baby birds can fly, the nest is deserted. Birds do NOT live in their nests, like many people think.*



Make Copycat Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs:

Create on of the yummiest treats with only 5 ingredients that you probably already have in your cupboards! Thrifty Jinxy offers a simple recipe that the kids will love.

Become a Chicken Farmer:

It sounds so glamorous, I know. But seriously, by starting a backyard farm with a couple of chickens, you’re teaching your kids so much more than you think. The responsibility of feeding, watering and cleaning up after the chickens, gathering eggs and building a coop is not only a lot of hard work, but it’s also rewarding. Before the coyotes found our flock, we were gathering about a dozen eggs a day. The kids LOVED selling them to neighbors. With the little bit of money they made, they learned how to responsibly reinvest it into their egg business. Chicken farming is definitely not for everyone, including myself, but I can’t deny that our days as chicken farmers made us more aware of just exactly how hard it is to produce your own food. High-five to all the farmers out there!

Have a Spa Day:

Create a simple hair mask by mixing eggs with olive oil and applying to your hair. Mix an egg yolk with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of olive oil for a quick and easy facial. Rinse both your hair and face after 20 minutes. The kids will love feeling pampered, right at home!

A dozen fun educational egg activities for all ages! Build a nest, diy chocolate eggs, experiments and MORE! Gotta try these!Dissect an egg:

Try to be gentle enough that you don’t break the air pocket. This is easiest to do when you break the pointy end of your egg open, empty and carefully rinse it. You should be able to see the air pocket, and both the inner and outer membrane. It’s pretty tricky to keep the membranes intact, so be extra gentle when peeling the shell away from it.

Become a Chef Eggs-traordinare:

Let the kids join you in the kitchen to discover all different kinds of ways to prepare an egg. Poached, deviled, or soft-boiled are just the tip of the iceberg. Experiment with a dozen eggs and see if you can cook all 12 differently.

Candle an Egg-

A quick and easy experiment that allows you to see inside the egg. Simply shine a bright light directly onto the egg a dark room. For best results, look at the larger end while holding the egg gently at the narrower end using only 2 fingers. You are looking for a network of blood vessels. You can also use this method to determine how old your store-bought eggs are. Simply look for the air pocket on the large end. The smaller the air pocket, the fresher the egg. *Fun Fact: Did you know the average age of a supermarket egg is 30-45 days old? These are even labeled “Farm Fresh!” That doesn’t sound very “fresh” to me!*

Research How other Countries Use Eggs:

The egg is so versatile that people from all over the world enjoy using it for so many different things. Slavic cultures create pysankas while many Mexican countries turn them into cascarones.
A dozen fun educational egg activities for all ages! Build a nest, diy chocolate eggs, experiments and MORE! Gotta try these!
  Eggs are delicate, perfectly shaped and exactly what the baby bird needs to  survive. Their sheer strength and design is a confirmation that God didn’t skimp on any details.  By exploring and studying eggs, your kids are guaranteed to learn while having a great time.


Spring has sprung! These educational egg activities are perfect for some hands-on learning with little supplies needed!

12 Easy Educational Egg Activities for Kids

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