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How to Decorate on a Budget

Decor trends change just as fast as your kids grow up, which is WAY too fast. 😉 Without breaking the bank, it can be a challenge to keep your decor from feeling outdated and bland. With a few helpful tips, you can make your home feel cozy and hip, while saving tons of money! Whether you just pick one tip to try out or give them all a shot, our 9 easy tips to decorate on a budget will take your home from drab to fab!

These simple tips allowed me to decorate on a budget! I always get compliments and my bank account isn't empty due to redecorating!

9 Easy Tips to Decorate on a Budget

Thrift Stores:

Thrift stores are the perfect way to decorate on a budget. With low prices an gently used items, you’re sure to find something you love. Hit up resale shops to find some amazing deals, whether you’re looking for something big or small.  You can find everything from cheap accessories to super-nice furniture. Be sure to check the condition of the item thoroughly. Check for chips, scratches, missing pieces and stability of each item.


Give old junk a new life, for a fraction of the cost. One way to do this easily is to keep a list of things you want or are looking for. A few months ago, I fell in love with a pricey farmhouse inspired utensil holder. It was made to look like an antique and the price was comparable to my mortgage payment. But it was just so cute. So, I decided to find an alternative. I was browsing a thrift store one day when I saw an old rusty cheese grater. Inspiration struck and I fell in love with my spoon corral. While it wasn’t what I had in mind, I loved this idea just as much as the original. And instead of hundreds of dollars, I spent less than $1!!!

The modern farmhouse style is a great theme if you want to repurpose some items in your home. Some burlap, twine, white paint, and wooden labels can add a rustic touch to your existing decor items. If you want to explore this style further, you can get more ideas on the farmhouse aesthetic at Annie and Oak.

Yard Sales:These simple tips allowed me to decorate on a budget! I always get compliments and my bank account isn't empty due to redecorating!

I’ll be completely honest here and say that probably 75% of the items in my house have come from a yard sale. I love heading out for the day, in search of treasure I never knew I needed. There are hundreds of sales each year and it will quickly become addicting.  Most yard sales have tables, racks of hanging clothes and organized junk that’s been cleaned and prepped for the sale. I also love the fact that when I opt to buy at yard sales instead of new, I’m helping the environment, saving money and boosting my local economy.


I’m always surprised when people tell me they can’t afford to decorate well. As a junk collector, I can verify that your house will look a hundred times better when you ditch the clutter. Pinterest-inspired rooms are gorgeous, but they don’t have stacks of magazines laying around or surfaces covered by spare change, papers and knick-knacks. The first step to spruce up your space is to declutter and get rid of the unnecessary. It’ll give you a clean slate and allow you to see what you need to keep an eye out for when you hit up the thrift stores.

Avoid Impulse Buys:

It’s easy to fall in love with an item at the store and simply buy it but you should always shop around first. I’ve had my eye out for a new rug for our living room. Last week, I found an adorable rug at Lowe’s, marked down to $297. I grabbed it, stuck it in my cart and headed to check out. Halfway there, my inner-budget-diva told me to put it back and check around. Boy, am I glad I listened! I went home, jumped on Amazon and found a gorgeous rug, for half the price.

Add character:

I often joke that I can’t own anything nice for another 18 years or so. When you have kids at home, it’s simply not worth it to have to closely guard an expensive sofa or dining room set. Instead, I opt to go for the “loved but lived in” look. Each room has it’s own character and flaws, but our home is comfortable and cozy. Learn to love the imperfections of your home and it’ll make life much easier.

Paint:These simple tips allowed me to decorate on a budget! I always get compliments and my bank account isn't empty due to redecorating!

It’s amazing how much paint can change a room. If you can do only one upgrade, choose a new coat of paint. It won’t break the bank and it’ll make a huge difference. Long gone are the days of stark white walls. By adding a cool color, you can update the look of your room for under $50!

It’s in the details:

Upgrade hardware, add inexpensive throw pillows, or grab a new wreath. One simple way to decorate on a budget is to look closely at the details. A few carefully placed accent pieces can help pull the whole room together.  There are tons of details that go into a room, so take note of what you need to help pull the look off.

Change it up:

Change out a few items occasionally by keeping a stockpile of items that intermix perfectly. Knowing your own personal style will help you see which items would work for your home. Don’t put your items in a box. Just because your favorite picture is in the living room right now, doesn’t mean it needs to stay there. Try hanging it in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. By moving items from room to room, you can make the decorations look completely different.  I also like to keep a few seasonal items that help change up our look a few times a year.

Remember, home decor is never “complete.” By switching things up and using these tips, it’s easy to keep your home looking fresh and updated.

These simple tips allowed me to decorate on a budget! I always get compliments and my bank account isn't empty due to redecorating!
What’s your secret to decorating on a budget?