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Cyber Monday Deals for Homeschoolers

Cyber Monday is a great time to save on some of the most popular homeschool curriculum on the market! It comes at a perfect time, when you’ve had a chance to see what’s working for you and what’s not. The new semester is just a few weeks away and we’ve rounded up the top Cyber Monday deals for homeschoolers to help you save money AND your sanity!

Love this list of the best Cyber Monday deals for homeschoolers!

Top Cyber Monday Deals for Homeschoolers


 CTCMath  is a full curriculum which specializes in providing  online video tutorials  that take a multi-sensory approach to learning. Favorably reviewed in  Cathy Duffy’s 103 Top Picks  and  The Old Schoolhouse Crew Review,  the lessons are short and concise to help your student break down concepts and appreciate math in a whole new way!

The lessons are taught the traditional way, not to a “test”. Each one of the video tutorials is taught by internationally acclaimed teacher,  Pat Murray,  who is renowned for teaching math concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand way (and in only a few minutes at a time). Even students who struggled with math are getting fantastic results! And ones who were doing OK before are now doing brilliantly.

CTCMath is offering Homeschooling Hideout readers a  half-price discount plus a bonus 6 months  when you register for a 12-month membership.

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 Sofa Tutor: 

 sofatutor  makes learning any academic subject fast, fun, and stress-free by breaking down topics into bite-sized, animated video tutorials. Each lesson comes with supplementary exercises, printable worksheets, and much more!

New users can try sofatutor FREE for 30 days PLUS save 60% on full access. Just use the code  9JCKOB  at checkout to claim your discount. Then create your free account and start learning with:

✔ Hundreds of illustrative, high-quality videos (and counting!) ✔ Detailed exercises that break down problems step-by-step ✔ Easy-to-understand worksheets with answer keys ✔ The fun learning game, Sofahero ✔ Personalized help from real teachers ✔ And much more!

This offer ends November 30 –  click here  to secure this amazing deal while it lasts.

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Mid-year is the perfect time to add coding to your homeschool!

 CodeWizardsHQ,  the leading online coding school for kids and teens offers a special introductory class in Scratch or Python only once a year. This $10 class includes an entire project and is a great way to try coding at an amazing price, 74% off, a $39 value. Enroll 11/23-11/29. Ready to sign up for a course? Homeschoolers love  CodeWizardsHQ’s real-world, sequential program  with small group classes and top-rated instructors. Use code Hideout for $20 off your first month’s tuition!

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 Underdog Games: 

 All Games Are On Sale!  Underdog Games has all their games on sale right now! From Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, get them now. It’s the best price they’ve ever had on these games!

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Mr. D Math:

Mr. D Math is now more than math for grades 6-12: Find out how much more and receive a 20% discount on any curriculum during this Black Friday weekend event. Use the coupon code HAPPYMATH20.  Click here  to access the course catalog. Check out the Mr. D podcast at  aplusparents.com . It is brand new with great homeschool tips from the best of the best in homeschooling. Mr. D has just released his first book. It’s called  TEACH – creating independently responsible learners .

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 Homeschool Code Academy 

LIMITED 4 DAY ONLY BLACK FRIDAY SALE – Get 75% Off Homeschool Code Academy’s  Python For Beginners Online Programming Course  with coupon code HIDEOUT. That’s only $18.75 for 6 months access to the program! Sale ends Monday 11/29 at midnight. Do you have a kid who loves technology, apps, and games? Turn their screen time into super charged learning time. Kids from middle to high school can learn programming through fun video lessons. They will make their computer speak, create colorful graphics, and finish by creating a simple arcade game.

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Sibling Relationship Lab:

Homeschooling is supposed to be good for family relationships. But what if you find yourself spending more time mediating fights than teaching multiplication and medieval history? Change the conversation with these relationship-focused gospel-centered devotionals from Sibling Relationship Lab. Save 20% November 25-28 with code HH20.

These are the BEST Black Friday deals for homeschoolers this year!

Masterpiece Society:

Masterpiece Society is having their largest sale of the year! Use code MASTERPIECE30 to get  30% off any and ALL art courses, art lessons and art curriculum! 

From elementary art lessons to “Mixing with the Masters,” there’s something for everyone here! They even off paint lessons designed especially for moms, too!

Masterpiece Society has taken art lessons at home to a whole new level and you do NOT want to miss this sale!

Compass Classroom:

Save 30% off Compass Classroom’s educational videos and curriculum!

These are the BEST Black Friday deals for homeschoolers this year!

Curiosity Stream:

Curiosity Stream is a one-stop-shop when you’re looking for educational shows, documentaries and movies! Not to mention, it’s just $20 for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Adventure Academy:

Save 70% off your annual subscription to Adventure Academy when you sign up this weekend!

Get 1 Year of Adventure Academy & ReadingIQ for $45!

Hopefully you found some great Cyber Monday deals for homeschoolers this year!

Love this list of the best Cyber Monday deals for homeschoolers!