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CTCMath: The Easiest Decision You’ll Make

CTCMath: The Easiest Decision You’ll Make

If you’re anything like me, once spring hits, your mind kicks into overdrive, thinking of all the things you need to do to prepare for the next school year.

From science and geography to art and history, there’s so much planning to be done.

And, honestly, planning your homeschool is half the fun. After all, it’s darn-near impossible to keep up with your perfectly laid-out plans once you actually start back to school. But just for the summer, everything can be perfect.

You’ll spend hours upon hours researching different curriculum, subjects and teaching styles. Of course, you’ll think long and hard about how your kids learn best and which approach makes you feel the most comfortable.

You’ll choose books and spend hours digging for fun activities on Pinterest.

Science will be the most fun to plan, followed closely by history. Geography and art are always super exciting and PE is always a treat.

But then you come to math… the dreaded “M” word.

Math is the one and only subject that is absolutely NO FUN to plan.

You don’t get to be super creative. Hands-on activities are usually included in your math lessons. Kids generally despise long lessons and boring worksheets anyways, so why even try?

But I’m here to tell you, math is the ONE subject that you don’t need to worry about!

Instead of fretting over how to teach in a way that your kids will understand or trying to piece together different math topics, why not just leave it to the experts?

This post is sponsored by CTCMath. All opinions are my own and I was compensated for my time.
CTCMath is THE most easy decision I make every year for our homeschool

CTCMath is your one-stop shop for every single kid in your family!

CTCMath offers a complete curriculum for grades K-12. When I signed up my oldest, I hadn’t planned on using the program with my other kids, but eventually, they struggled with other programs and we’ve slowly migrated all of our kids to CTCMath. It seems to be the answer to our math problems, no matter the age!

CTCMath just makes sense!
  • Full curriculum with video lessons that are NOT Common Core aligned and not taught “to the test”
  • Bite-size lessons that are easy for kids to digest
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard interface for parents, with weekly detailed progress reports emailed to you
  • Work at your own pace (My kids often do 2 or 3 lessons a day!)
  • Allows students to work independently, freeing up my own time
  • Teaches in a clear manner, that’s easy to understand, even for struggling students
  • CTCMath offers a 12-month money back guarantee! If you don’t love it, just email them for a full refund. (Honestly, what kind of company offers this kind of awesome guarantee!?!)
  • Access to all levels, K-12. That means you can move on to the next level when you’re ready, no need to purchase the next level.
  • Affordable rates for the whole family! One of the most important things I consider when buying a curriculum is the price. In reality, I would love to be able to afford the most expensive “all-in-one” curriculum, but I can’t. What I can do is find an affordable option that delivers high-quality math lessons.
CTC online math curriculum is changing our homeschool, one quick video at a time!

Since the entire family can use one CTCMath subscription, it just doesn’t get much better than that! In fact, I’m spending as much on CTCMath for ALL of my kids, as I did for ONE of my kiddo’s math curriculum with another company!

Plus, CTCMath loves homeschoolers so much, they offer a HALF PRICE discount to homeschool families AND 6 months for free!

That means you can get 18 months of CTCMath for your WHOLE family for around $10 a month!!!

If you’re starting to think about next year’s curriculum, I’m here to tell you, math is a no-brainer.
CTCMath takes the guesswork out of teaching, grading AND recording!

CTCMath is THE most easy decision I make every year for our homeschool

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