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Computer Room Decorating Tips

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Want to optimize your dedicated computer room with ingenuity? Looking for decorating ideas to make it look great? That’s good news, the homeydesignstore.com editorial staff can help you tidy everything up, coming to your rescue. 

Moreover, find out how to sort your papers and organize your workspace, what types of space-saving storage to adopt and what are the mistakes to avoid, all down below!

For some, a “tidy” computer room is an ultra stripped down space, for others, it is, on the contrary, a space filled with very specific accessories and organized piles. This element is therefore very subjective!

Wondering how to make the most out of your computer room? These tips and ideas can help!

Where should you start when you want to organize your computer space efficiently?

Choosing the right accessories – it always comes back to that! Many start sorting and are then not able to put away correctly what they’ve just sorted, since, invariably, the stack of sorted things can not be placed back in the computer area or the workspace.

Any advice to optimize space on a classic desk?

If you have space on your computer desk, start by acquiring a pencil holder (or several), a basket to store your documents and bills to pay. Add some space with the help of shelves, cardboard file holders or A4 boxes that will contain all the items to be kept.

What about a small desk?

If your worktable is small, be careful not to overcrowd it with unnecessary items! A letter holder will do the trick to hold all the items you need. Consider also using the partitions to hang wall storage accessories.

What types of storage models should be preferred?

We like colored file organizers! The vertical models accommodate all the documents in pockets, with dedicated labels – very practical to navigate. Arranged on a shelf or in a cupboard, they do not take up too much space.

For children’s photos or drawings, we are fans of red and gray A4 or A3 boxes. Many also need a suitable storage for all the little items lying around on the desk: paper clips, post-it notes, pencils. For this, several small boxes or a desk organizer with compartments do very well!

Any tips and tricks for hiding unsightly cables?

Unfortunately, our specialists have not yet found the miracle solution. Mostly, we advise readers to fix the cables with each other and obtain a string of wires which are no longer scattered on each side. Many also manage to put a power strip on one side of the desk, which can be enough to bring the joyful mess together in one place. All in all, remember to organize all the high-tech equipment correctly and safely.

How? By arranging computer cables, phone chargers or headphones in a special case. Some also place their little gadgets in a suitable storage compartment so that they are close at hand, but in an orderly manner.

How to create a workspace that is both decorative and functional?

If you choose good quality accessories, when they are installed on your desk or on the shelves at hand, your desk will immediately gain a “decorative” air. In addition, you will enjoy storing it. You can consider any kind of accessories, in different styles: Scandinavian, retro, design, pop. etc.

Once these tips are applied, how can you keep your desk tidy all year round?

With the help of a little discipline. Sometimes, you need to force yourself to be tidier, throw things into the recycling bin and place the items back in their places.

Now that we’re finished with the basic rules, let’s zoom in on the mistakes to avoid when setting up a computer area.

a. Positioning the computer area in a dark corner

You will surely be spending time at your computer desk, so place it facing a window to take advantage of natural light.

b. Not delimiting the computer area

If you are not lucky enough to have a dedicated room for your computer stuff, you will surely place it in your bedroom or living room. So think about delimiting the space with storage, for example, in order to really dedicate the space to its own theme.

c. Placing the desk with its back to the window

If you are planning on using your computer often, avoid placing your desk with its back to the window, as this may cause reflections on your screen. If you have no choice, invest in blinds or curtains.

d. Neglecting the desk lamp

After dark, good lighting is needed to keep using a computer. The desk lamp will also allow you to stay focused.

e. Not adding any decoration to your computer space

A neutral space can be a bit sad, can’t it? Personalize it by placing a plant, a candle or a frame with a photo. But remember we said a little, not too much!

f. Having a messy computer area

The mess on the desk or even the whole room? Not for us! How to find the concentration and especially how to find the things you need without having a computer area in a minimum order?

g. Not having enough storage

To avoid a messy computer room, bet on storage. Magazine rack, drawer, shelf. Get organized!

h. Neglecting the choice of your chair

Often forgotten, the computer chair must be comfortable. On wheels or with armrests, remember to choose it according to the time spent at the computer desk.

i. Not having the necessary equipment

A good location is not always enough. You also need good equipment (computer, headphones, charger and so on), as well as a good Internet connection. Remember to equip yourself with a printer, a landline phone, an external hard drive if needed.

j. Leaving the walls empty

It is out of the question to leave the walls empty! Install photo frames, posters, other decor – to get away a little while playing or working at your computer.

k. Not leaving enough space

Give preference to space! If the size of the room allows it, make sure to leave space around your computer area, so that you can move around easily.

l. Not remembering to take advantage of the angles

Whether you have a small house or a large flat, take advantage of the corners, by installing a corner computer area there, for example!

Now that everything is perfectly organized, you can sit in front of your computer and use it peacefully. There is no longer any question of letting yourself be invaded by the mess and struggles of an unorganized computer area again!
And if you’re into spending quality time at your PC, find out more about the 5 Best Online Computer Science Degrees right now!

Wondering how to make the most out of your computer room? These tips and ideas can help!

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