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Cheap Indoor Activities for Kids

I woke up this morning to the weatherman predicting grapefruit sized hail. Yes, grapefruit. Can you even imagine? In the last 2 months, our small town has been hit by a tornado and flooding and now we are looking at hail. Welcome to Missouri, folks.

So I solemnly cancelled our weekend plans of camping. Because, let’s be real. Our tent is no match for giant chunks of ice. Instead of lazy days spent floating down the creek, we are now looking at hours spent without electricity. (Did I mention 80 mph winds? Because, of course, there’s that happening, too. And our already fragile town just can’t take it at this point.)
I started brainstorming ways to entertain the kids when I suddenly remember a guest post I had written for iHomeschoolNetwork a few months ago. It’s packed full of great ideas to entertain kids without breaking the bank.

So, if you’re looking for 25 awesomely simple ideas to have fun indoors without spending much, head to iHomeschoolNetwork!


I never thought of most of these! Not your typical list of "cheap and easy indoor activities! These are great!

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