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Cheap DIY Gifts for Teachers

DIY Teacher Christmas gifts can be some of the best to give during the holidays. Some teachers can be hard to buy for so making a homemade gift allows you to incorporate the things they like, without breaking the bank. Giving DIY gifts to teachers also encourages your creativity and ensures that your gift will be unique and memorable. 

You can include their favorite snacks, character themes, or tastes, to create a unique gift for Christmas. Many of these teacher gifts can be created with the help of children, so the teacher will know it came straight from their heart. Parents and guardians can then invest in high-quality wrappers, such as those from www.mrgiftwrap.com, and let their children help out in preparing the gift, as well. 

If you’re looking for some unique and cheap DIY gifts for teachers, these are some fun and festive gifts that can be made at home.

If you're looking for cheap DIY gifts for teachers, check out these ideas! Simple enough for kids and teachers ACTUALLY love them! #teachergifts #handmade #Christmas #cheap #gift

10+ Cheap DIY Gifts for Teachers

Santa Candy Sleighs

These Santa candy sleighs are super cute and fun! Teachers always enjoy having sweet snacks at their desk and this one is great for the holidays. This gift idea is very easy to prepare – you just need two candy canes, a large candy bar, one small chocolate Santa, and double-sided tapes. 

To create the sleigh, attach the two candy canes to the bottom of your candy bar using double-sided tapes. Once done, place different candies on top. Fun-size chocolates are great options as you can put several without worrying about damaging the sleigh. 

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

Give the gift of fresh moisturized skin with his homemade gingerbread sugar scrub. You can use it by a gift itself or include in a custom creative gift basket. This is a cheap yet easy to make gift that will surely make any teacher happy! 

You can make gingerbread sugar body scrubs by mixing coconut oils, brown sugar, cinnamon and a little fragrance. Place the mixture in a clear bottle or a small jar, and you’re good to go. 

DIY Metallic Christmas Trees

Create a beautiful holiday scene with these metallic Christmas trees that teachers can place in both their classroom and in their home. If you think your recipient is too busy that they no longer have the time to decorate their classrooms and homes, giving them metallic Christmas Trees will surely be a great gift idea. 

For this DIY project, you’ll need metallic paints, black acrylic paint, six small sponges and tree forms. All you have to do is paint your tree forms using the black acrylic paint, spray your sponges with metallic paints, and then dab these on your trees. The metallic colors will look like snow on your Christmas tree!

Aroma Mason Jars

These unique gifts are great for those who want a fresh scent around them. These easy to make mason jars include aromatic fruits that teachers can keep in their classroom for some fun holiday scents. These will also relieve the teacher’s stress and make the space feel new. 

If you’re planning to give this gift to teachers, exert effort to know what their favorite scents are. Does the recipient like citrus scents? Or do they prefer floral scents? Having answers to these questions will give you a better idea on what materials to use when making your gift. 



Give the gift of a sweet treat with these Chocolate Snowman OREO pops. You can package these in individual wrappers and include them in a holiday themed gift box or inside a fun snowman mug.

DIY Christmas Wood Tray

This is an adorable Christmas themed wood tray that can be used for serving as well as for decorating. The DIY project turns out beautiful and makes a great addition to any home décor the teacher may have at home.

Festive Christmas Snow Globes

These cute little snow globes are perfect for teachers to set on their desks during the holidays. You can customize these snow globes to include various holiday decorations to fit the teacher’s style. They also work as ornament so teachers can keep them on their tree each year.

Stovetop Potpourri

Teachers, friends, and family will all love these little stovetop potpourri gifts. The gifts will give out a fresh scent that smells amazing and the gifts look adorable.

DIY Sweater Wreath

If you’re looking to give your favorite teacher a unique gift that’s upcycled and affordable, this DIY sweater wreath is the perfect way to do so. Teachers love things that they can actually use time and time again, so this is a great idea!

Hot Chocolate Mix Gift

The holidays can be some of the coldest months throughout the year and this fun hot chocolate mix setup is perfect for those cold days. Each ingredient is in a different jar and packaged together as a gift.

Merry Chexmas Gift

Create a traditional holiday Chex Mix gift this year to give to teachers. The tutorial also gives a fun “Merry Chexmas” tag that can be printed out and given with the homemade snack. 

Even if you’re like us and homeschool, there are still plenty of teachers to buy for! From piano, co-op and even Sunday School teachers, it’s always a good idea to show your appreciation, especially around the holidays.

Have the kids help with these cheap DIY gifts for teachers and they’ll love them even more! 

If you're looking for cheap DIY gifts for teachers, check out these ideas! Simple enough for kids and teachers ACTUALLY love them! #teachergifts #handmade #Christmas #cheap #gift