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{ENDED} $420 Cash Giveaway! Ends December 7th

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What would you do with an extra $420 this holiday season? Would you buy better gifts? Put it towards debt? Grab that new furniture you’ve been wanting? Fill your gas tank? Or maybe you’d just like to save it for a rainy day?

This holiday season, I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers from iHomeschool Network and together, we’re giving away a $420 cash giveaway! 

Enter to win a $420 cash prize from your favorite homeschool bloggers! Head to Instagram to enter! #cashgiveaway #giveaway #christmas #ihn

All you need to do is head to Instagram and follow the instructions. No need to purchase anything. Heck, you don’t even have to give us your email address or credit card number. Although I’d take both, if you are feeling generous! 😉




So what’s the catch? Well, there’s not one. You just have to do is follow the 24 participating bloggers and follow the instructions found on Instagram. Even if you don’t win, you’ll likely discover some amazing new homeschool bloggers! That’s sounds like you’re a winner either way! 😉

In case you’re wondering what I’d do if I won a $420 cash giveaway…

  • Splurge on a weekend getaway with my family
  • Buy my kiddos an extra special present
  • Take my mama out for dinner and a movie
  • Blow through some money at Chuck E. Cheese
  • Redo my countertops
  • Donate to our local food bank that the kiddos volunteer at
  • Buy my hubby a wood lathe (although I have no idea how much they are so they could cost WAY more than $420)
  • Stock my niece’s freezer for the winter (She just got married and is one of my best friends!)
  • Buy some stupidly overpriced undergarments 😉
  • Paint my kitchen cabinets
  • Do some random acts of kindness in my hometown

Obviously I wouldn’t be able to do all of these things with the cash giveaway, but it’s nice to dream, right!?!

I wanna know! What would you do if you won iHN’s Instagram cash giveaway?

Drop me a comment below and then head to Instagram and join in on the fun!


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Tuesday 4th of December 2018

This would be a huge blessing- we are all sharing one bathroom right now because we had to demo the upstairs bath due to water damage caused by a poor tiling job by the previous owners of our home...the grout was the only thing holding the bath/shower tile failed and the tiles started falling off the wall because they weren’t attached with mortar. So 5 of us are indefinitely sharing one bathroom until we can afford to fix that one.

Donalda Folwark

Monday 3rd of December 2018

I have 2 boys. I would get them a gift and also each 1 of them would have to give a little to a charity.

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