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Buying a House to Homeschool In?

Are you a buying a house to homeschool in?

Homeschooling children is an increasingly common choice for many parents, but it’s vitally important that your house has the right facilities to make sure that it’s a success! Here’s how…

Traditional education doesn’t always suit every family, which is why homeschooling is more than just a viable alternative. For many parents, the benefits of homeschooling massively outweigh the potential challenges but, of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s plain sailing.

Homeschooling is a huge commitment and requires the right environment to ensure that children are able to thrive and get the most out of their learning. That means, if you’re buying a house to homeschool in, there are a number of different things you will need to keep in mind before you even consider using a conveyancing service to seal the deal!

That’s exactly what we’ll be taking a closer look at in this post. So, if you’re thinking about moving home and are planning on homeschooling, make sure to pay close attention.

This list of things to look for when buying a house to homeschool in is EXACTLY what I needed! I never would've thought of #6!

Things to Consider When Buying a House to Homeschool In

A Dedicated Room

If you plan on homeschooling your children in your new house, then you don’t have to settle for teaching them on the dining room table. It’s certainly worth taking a look at houses which have a spare room (perhaps even a dedicated office), that can be used for homeschooling purposes.

Having a dedicated room for homeschooling will allow your children to better concentrate when they’re working. It’ll also provide both of you with a space that you can keep separate from your normal family life. When the two become blended, your children’s homeschooling performance is only likely to suffer as a result.

Plenty of Storage Solutions

As you may know if you already have experience homeschooling, there is a lot of equipment which needs to be stored away. Textbooks, stationary, computers – the list goes on and on. So, to avoid any of this cluttering up your new house, you’ll want to keep an eye out for properties with handy storage solutions.

This could be anything from a cupboard under the stairs to an expansive loft or garage. As long as it provides you with the opportunity to store away all of your homeschooling equipment, it’s going to be a winner. Don’t forget though – it also needs to be easily accessible.

Envisage the House in the Long Term

Unless your children are in the final years of their education, you’ll need to think about the long term when it comes to finding a house for homeschooling. There’s no use in thinking ‘this will do for the time being’ if something isn’t quite right in the house you’re looking at. It needs to be fit for purpose for years to come.

Once your children are no longer being homeschooled, you can then set out a plan for how you would like the house to change. You could set up an office for remote working or a simple spare bedroom for when guests come to visit.

Factor in the Budget You Need for Homeschooling

Homeschooling isn’t necessarily a budget-friendly option. We know that there are no tuition fees to pay, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other costs to worry about, such as books, equipment and food.

Also, if you’re setting up a homeschooling environment from scratch, you may have to carry out a complete renovation. This is bound to burn a hole in your pocket if you’re not properly prepared.

So, you should always factor in the budget you’re going to need for homeschooling when you’re looking for a new house. There’s no use in buying a house which isn’t fit for purpose without the money aside to carry out the necessary works, is there?

Consider the Importance of Outdoor Learning

The potential benefits of outdoor learning are endless. By switching up the learning environment and allowing children to enjoy their natural surroundings, you can help to enhance their:

  • Personal skills
  • Social skills
  • Physical health
  • Mental health

As well as burn off some pent-up energy so they can concentrate when they’re back inside.

Houses with a decent amount of outdoor space should, therefore, be at the top of your wish list. If your new house is within walking distance of a larger outdoor space, the potential learning opportunities will increase tenfold. Look for parks or local woodlands.

Consider Lighting and Views

Everybody knows how important it is to find a house that has good natural lighting. But, when you’re homeschooling, that should become even more of a priority. Children often struggle to get the most out of their learning when they’re stuck in dark, dingy environments, as they can appear rather oppressive.

If you’re able to, track down a house that lets in plenty of light. Your children are bound to enjoy their work more and learn much more effectively. If you’re able to, finding a home with a good view to the outside world is an added bonus.

Prioritize Quiet Houses

Very few adults are able to effectively concentrate in noisy environments, let alone children. Quiet houses that are well away from busy roads are always going to be attractive, but they’re pretty essential if you plan on homeschooling.

Even if you’re struggling to find a house in a quiet location that’s within your budget, keep looking. There are bound to be plenty of properties that are well insulated and block out the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Keep that in mind when you’re house hunting.

Are You Searching for a House Fit for Homeschooling?

In this post, we’ve covered seven of the most important things you should be looking for when you’re on the hunt for a new house to homeschool in.

Naturally, it’s not always going to be possible to find absolutely everything in a house. So, a level of compromise might be necessary, but these pointers should help you to narrow down your search.

This list of things to look for when buying a house to homeschool in is EXACTLY what I needed! I never would've thought of #6!