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Best Board Games for Couples

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When people say date nights, they usually refer to an expensive romantic dinner. But let’s face it, we can only afford to do that every so often. But in terms of spending quality time together, there are other ideas that don’t require breaking the bank. Our tried and true date nights always include playing one of the top board games for couples! Order take-out and it’s the perfect “stay-at-home date!”

We often recommend board games as an excellent educational material for your kids. But actually, it is also a great activity to be enjoyed as a couple.

In fact, a recent study conducted by Baylor University confirms that. The main benefit of playing a board game together as a couple is that our bodies release Oxytocin, commonly called “love hormone” which helps couples relax
and deal with anxiety and fear. The study also found other benefits such as a boost in self-confidence and creativity, as well as a decreased risk of dementia by 15%. Plus it’s really fun.

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Take your next date night to the next level with our top board games for couples to play together! Laugh, challenge each other and have a blast together!

Best Board Games for Couples to Play Together


When it comes to the ultimate game to bring out your inner vocabulary geek, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Scrabble has enjoyed a long-lasting popularity for a reason. Not only is it a test of vocabulary, it also forces you to be creative, analytical, and strategic. What makes the game even more fun is the banter and the hilarious conversations that follow each word entry.


This game can accommodate a whole family four, but it also works great as an exclusive game between a couple on a date night. Unlike other board games on this list, Twister is played on the floor. The set comes with a vinyl mat, a spinner board, and a set of instructions. The game is a test of balance and flexibility. The instructions tell you where you should place your hands and feet, sometimes in awkward, twisted positions (hence the name), until such time you fall. The anticipation and the hilarity of the eventual fall make this game such a delight.


This game is worth it if only for the pretty art on cards depicting fireworks of different colors. As a cooperative game, the goal is for you and your partner to launch a fireworks display. However, while you’re able to see your partner’s hand, you don’t see your own. You help each other by giving descriptions for both to be able to play. Unlike most games, this allows you to root for your significant other, instead of yourself. It is also an exercise on communication.


What we like most about this game is how it requires so much attention and focus, while still allowing you as a couple to banter, talk, and tell jokes in between. The setup is easy, simply build a tower using the wooden pieces. To play, you and your partner take turns taking out one piece at a time, while ensuring that the structure does not collapse. What makes this game extra fun is the anticipation of the structure’s eventual collapse.


Jaipur is a quick game, each lasting about 30 minutes. In this game, you two are merchants competing with each other in terms of income earned, cash collected, and camels traded. This game is designed for two players only. And as the game set is quite handy, it can easily be taken with you to a bar or a coffee shop, or when taking a weekend trip together.


The game is an adventure through the Renaissance period, evident in characters and scenery. Similar to Jaipur, you and your partners are again merchants, competing for gems, shops, and means of transportation. The game is ideal for highly competitive couples who prefer games that are fast-paced.


This is a question and answer game that works with groups (family nights) as well as between a couple. The box comes with a 20-sided dice, 16 game cards, 8 white boards, markers, and a 2-minute sand timer. This fast-paced game is pretty simple. Draw a card for the topic to answer, and roll the dice to see what letter the answers should start with. Then beat the time by writing down your answers for each category, beginning with the appropriate letter. Once time is up, you explain and defend your answers to your partner, which makes the game even more exciting.

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Finding the best board games for couples shouldn’t be too hard! There are plenty of options on the market today but if I had to choose just one, I would recommend Off-Topic. It’s simple, easy, and moderately competitive. Plus the discussion that follows is definitely hilarious and potentially revealing, making it the perfect board games for couples.

Take your next date night to the next level with our top board games for couples to play together! Laugh, challenge each other and have a blast together!