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Be More Present

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You see it everywhere you go.

Moms staring at their phones at the playgrounds. Kids gazing out the window at the local restaurant while their parents check their email. Dads looking at their phones as their son makes the game winning shot.
Of course, parents don’t intend to get so engulfed in technology that they miss the tiny, yet so important moments of life.
It’s too easy to get caught up in social media when the” 2-second glance” at your email quickly turns into 30 minutes. Before long, you’re spending every spare second peeking at your phone. In doctor’s offices, while waiting on your food, even in the restroom. {Admit it! You do this!}

Not only are you missing out on the little moments in life, but you’re modeling your kids’ future behaviors.

When they are old enough, they will look at their phones instead of you.

How will that make you feel?

Personally, I don’t want to find out.

So let’s kick this vicious cycle today!

We've got one little secret that guarantees you'll be more present with your kids TODAY! Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose.

By making one minor change, I’ve increased the amount of undivided attention I’ve given my kids for months now.

What’s my secret, you ask?

It’s simple.

I recently signed up for a blogging class and as a bonus, received  Ruth Soukup’s Daily Productivity Guide for Bloggers.

Holy smokes, is it good! One of the first things I learned was to get a grip on my social media use.
But how can I do that, you say?

In less than 5 minutes you can help direct more of your attention to your kids, your home or the other important parts of your life, by using this one little trick.

Are you ready for it?

Simply unfollow all of your friends on Facebook.

No, you don’t have to unfriend them, simply unfollow them. Your friends are still right there on your Facebook account, if you ever want to see what they’re up to. Instead of seeing your friends’ posts and photos when Facebook wants you to see them, you will see them when YOU want to see them.
It’s one of those “Duh, that was simple” kind of things. I wish I had thought of it myself because it’s so easy yet so effective.

We've got one little secret that guarantees you'll be more present with your kids TODAY! Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose.On a PC, go to your Facebook page. Under your profile picture, it will say “News Feed.” Click on the gear to the left of it and click on “Edit Preferences.”  A box will pop up and you can click the second option, “Unfollow people to hide their posts.” Here you can sort your friends, groups and pages. This is nice because, if you’re like me, you keep up with your favorite sites and blogs’ pages. Now your News Feed can have only the pages you choose. Simply click which friends, pages or groups you wish to appear in your News Feed and  click “DONE.”

Just like that, you’ve removed the need to constantly be checking into Facebook.

Not only has this change led to me being more present with my kids but it’s also made a world of difference in other areas of my life. I’m not glancing at my phone while making dinner. I’m not checking Facebook while I’m waiting for my food in drive-through.  Instead, I’m talking to my family. I’m engaging in  meaningful conversations with them. I’m putting them first because that’s exactly where they belong.

We've got one little secret that guarantees you'll be more present with your kids TODAY! Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose.


Make sure you don’t unfollow Homeschool Hideout on Facebook. I know the girl who blogs there and she’s pretty awesome. 😉

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