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How to Hold an Apple Taste Test

Apples are one of the most popular fruit in America and we all know why! Whether you choose to bake with them, eat them raw with peanut butter, or make apple sauce with them, they are downright delicious! Holding your own apple taste test will help you learn even more about this glorious fruit!

With apples being so yummy and cheap, it’s no wonder the average person eats 65 apples a year!

In honor of Johnny Appleseed’s birthday (September 26th) and National Apple Month (October), fall is the perfect time to hold your own apple tasting.

Learn all about America's favorite fruit while you hold your own apple taste test. Fun hands on learning ideas and activities included!

How to Hold an Apple Taste Test

Start by going to the grocery store and purchasing every different variation of apples they had on hand. We ended up with 7 different types:

  • Gala
  • Red Delicious
  • Golden Delicious
  • Honey Crisp
  • Sweet Tang
  • Granny Smith
  •  and one “Mystery Flavor” that wasn’t labeled.

First, discuss why apples are important to our economy. Even though the majority of our apples are imported from China, America still grows a huge amount of apples. Our largest apple producers are Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and California. In all, 36 of the 50 states produce apples commercially.

Next point out the health benefits of apples. A medium sized apple contains only 80 calories! Quercetin is found only in the apple skin. The entire apple is full of antioxidants and fiber, making it a healthy snack. And most importantly, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 😉

Another great idea to learn about apples is to do a simple experiment. Do you think apples will float or sink? Apples actually float because they are more dense than water. Apples density is made up of about 25% air!

Fun Facts:

You can remember plenty of fun facts about apples using the number 5.

See how many of these fun “five” facts your kids’ already knew:

  • The word “apple” has 5 letters.
  • Apple blossoms  grow in clusters of 5.
  • Apple blossoms have 5 petals.
  • Red Delicious apples have 5 bumps on the base.
  • Apples have 5 seed cavities, which allow all 10 seeds to grow.

Get Creative:

Make a list of all the foods you can create by using apples.

Some of our favorites include apple dumplings, fried apples, homemade applesauce and apple muffins.

apple taste testNext cut an apple in half to reveal the seed star. There will be 5 seeds in each half of the apple, forming a star.

Begin cutting your apple into slices. Allow each child to taste one slice of each variation. You might want to use paper plates and write the names on the plates so you can remember which apple is which.

Let the kids each rate the apples on a 1-10 scale. Make sure they consider the taste, tartness, texture and color appeal when rating the apple.

When you’ve finished tasting all the apples, let each child vote on their favorite.

The results are in and our favorites are:  Have your own apple taste test and learn all about your favorite fruit!
If you have any leftover apples, a fun and easy way to get rid of them is to make homemade applesauce.

We love apples and are so thankful that Johnny Appleseed followed his passion and spread the great fruit all over this country!
What is YOUR favorite apple recipe?


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