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Inauguration Day 2017: America is Already Great

This morning, I woke up in the greatest country in the world.

Before I even opened my eyes, I could feel the warmth of our home and feel the soft pillow under my head. I can hear my dog playing in the yard, happy as can be. I looked around my bedroom in awe.

My king size bed is surrounded by furnishings that are not just functional but also beautiful. Matching even!

As my feet hit the floor, I thank God for my health and allowing me another day to slide out of bed without any pain. I flip on the lights and go to the kitchen for a warm glass of brew. With the push of a handle, hot water is at my disposal.

While I’m waiting for my coffee, I head to the bathroom, where indoor plumbing greets me. I brush my teeth and do my business, without a second thought. I switch off the lights, and walk to my closet. There, I find shelf after shelf of clothing and shoes. I grab my hoodie and a pair of jeans and throw them on. (I never stop to think that the price of my bra could have provided enough food for an orphan in Africa for an entire month.)

I throw on my Converse and as I’m tying them, I stop dead in my tracks.

What in the heck is wrong with me?

In less than 20 minutes, I have experienced more blessings than thousands of people will experience in a lifetime. Yet I’ve taken every single one of them for granted. In my rush to get the day started, I’ve overlooked the little things that make my life amazing.

From the insulation that fights to keep the bitter cold out to the grocery shopping trips I grumble about, these things make my life easier.

There are people who pray desperately for these things that I take for granted. 

Then my thoughts turn to our nation as a whole. This incredible country is promised to become “great again.”

Is it not already great?

I can’t think of a single country in the world who is more blessed than the United States.

But what exactly makes America the greatest nation on earth?

I can tell you one thing: It’s not Barack Obama and it’s not Donald Trump.

It’s you.

And it’s me.

America is already great.

It’s the single mom who works long hours but still serves a warm dinner to her kids every night, no matter how exhausted she is.
It’s the nurses and doctors who hold their patients’ hands as they take their last breath.

It’s the volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club who provide a safe place for kids to be themselves.

It’s the families who struggle on one income in order to keep one parent home to raise the children.

America is already great because of the thousands of men and women who found the courage to fight for our country.

It’s because of the brokenhearted waitress who still manages a smile when the world is crumbling around her.

It’s the hundreds of men who work countless hours in a factory to provide for their wife and children.

It’s the troops of workers who brave sub-degree weather to make sure you have electricity in the midst of snow storms.

America is already great.

It’s the families who are willing to uproot their family every few years and move across the country to the next Army base.

It’s the teacher who spends her hard-earned dollars to buy a warm coat for a kid in their class.

It’s the neighbors who provide a safe environment for your kids to play, without worry.

America is already great because of the selfless people who open their homes to foster children.

It’s the men who step up to the table and raise someone else’s child.

This is the best country in the world because of the little old lady at the grocery store who stops to admire and coo at your baby and gives you her best piece of parenting advice.

It’s the loving grandparents who pass on generations of love and wisdom.

It’s the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line to keep crime off the streets.

It’s the parents, aunts, uncles, teachers and strangers who love our children and teach them to be better people.

If you ask me, America is already great.

The Commander-in-Chief doesn’t make this country the amazing place it is.

The people of this country make America great.

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