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Admission Process of CBSE Schools in Gurgaon

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Learn all about the admission process of a CBSE Schools in Gurgaon

As your child grows, proper education of them becomes your primary concern. It is a matter of their future and entire life. Proper education is the right and also a must for each and every child. 

At present, education is not limited to bookish knowledge. The curriculum has diversified a lot, which is actually needed for everyone. 

As a parent, you need to ensure that you are picking the best school for your child. However, the growth and development of your child depend a lot on you and your home environment. Still, proper schooling plays a crucial role in shaping their personality. 

The student has to pass the qualifying course from any government or state-recognized board to be eligible for admission to CBSE Schools.

CBSE, or Central Board of Secondary Education, is among the largest educational boards in India. It has over 17,000 schools affiliated with this central education board. 

The most prominent benefit of enrolling your child in a school affiliated with the CBSE board is that all the schools follow the same structure and syllabus. That means that if you relocate in the future, it will not hamper the study of your child. 

They are not going to suffer from an unfortunate relocation. 

Now, when it comes to the admission process of a CBSE-affiliated school, different schools have different criteria and processes. It is best to directly contact the best cbse schools to get the admission details. 

Here, we will give you an idea about the most common and the usual admission process of CBSE-affiliated schools. Before checking the admission process, let’s have an understanding of the common CBSE admission rules and also the class-specific rules. 

CBSE Common Admission Rules

Here is the set of general rules along with the guidelines that are set up by the central education board for admission to any of the CBSE-affiliated schools. 

  • The student has to pass the qualifying course from any government or state-recognized board to be eligible for admission. The CBSE-affiliated schools might not consider international qualifying exams. In that case, you might need to arrange special permission. 
  • The admission of any student always relies on compatibility with the age of the class the student is applying for. 
  • All types of students have to clear the qualifying exam and obtain the minimum marks. 
  • In case you are relocating from any foreign country, the student will not be eligible for admission if their previous school was not affiliated with the CBSE board. In that case, the student needs to provide an eligibility certificate from the board. 
  • You need to have a valid completion certificate from the previous school stating that you were a student of that school from X date to Y date. 
  • All these are not necessary in case of new admission. There you just need to fill out the admission form and provide the necessary documents. 

If you are preparing your children for getting admission it is best to make sure they are preparing for entrance examination. And you need to incorporate the syllabus in their room, when you are considering study room ideas, so that they can prepare. 

CBSE School Admission: Required Documents

In order to get admission to any CBSE-affiliated school, you are required to fill out the admission form. Some schools also might ask you to fill out their online registration form. They will need the following documents for processing tech admission. 

So, you have to ensure that you have all the below-mentioned documents handy. 

  • The child’s birth certificate. 
  • Identity verification card of the child’s parents. 
  • Passport size photographs of both the child and parents. 
  • In case the child has already attended any school, the transfer certificate from the last attended school. 
  • Previous year report card of the child as well. 

During the time of verification, the admission-seeking party has to provide an original copy of all the documents. 

Get Admission! 

Each school might have different criteria for admission. The most common one includes the following steps. 

  • Fill up and submit the registration form along with the necessary documents. 
  • Obtain necessary marks in the qualifying examination. 
  • Successfully completed the entire qualification process. 
  • Complete the admission procedure and submit the fees.
The student has to pass the qualifying course from any government or state-recognized board to be eligible for admission to CBSE Schools.