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8 Historic NYC Hotels to Stay with Your Kids

These historic NYC hotels are the perfect place to stay with your kids!

Field trips are one of the best ways to educate children about history, culture, art, and society. 

Many parents and educators often focus on museums and galleries for providing young people with an insight into the past, triggering a passion, or boosting their general knowledge. 

However, you can support their education by staying in accommodation steeped in history, such as The Marmara Park Avenue. If you are looking for an educational base for exploring the Big Apple, check out these historic NYC hotels.

This list of historic NYC hotels to stay with kids is TOO HELPFUL! Now, let's get to planning!

8 NYC Hotels to Stay with Your Kids

Westgate New York Grand Central

Westgate New York Grand Central is full to the brim with history. Once known as Hotel Tudor, which transformed Tudor City during the 1930s, the sophisticated accommodation now provides guests with a peaceful, luxe stay in NYC.

Westgate New York Grand Central is an ideal choice for those who want to learn about the Big Apple’s interesting history. During the 1930s, it was known as Hotel Tudor. Featuring 2,800 apartments and 600 hotel rooms, it was the largest apartment complex in all of Manhattan during this time. It modernized the Tudor City neighborhood, complementing the newly constructed Grand Central Terminal, and attracted more middle-class residents and tourists to the neighborhood. 

Westgate New York Grand Central provides guests with a comfortable, modern hotel that pays homage to its rich, varied history. Expect to be blown away when stepping inside your room, as it offers exceptional amenities for a chic, flexible stay. The luxe hotel in historic Tudor City has recently received a $20 million renovation, which will ensure you have a sophisticated, comfortable experience in a spacious guestroom or suite.

The Plaza Hotel

Debuting in the Big Apple on October 1st, 1907, The Plaza is one of the most historic hotels in the city.

The Plaza is one of the most iconic historic NYC hotels. Throughout the decades, it has welcomed dignitaries, world leaders, Hollywood stars, Broadway legends, and famous entrepreneurs, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Christian Dior, and The Beatles. What’s more, it has featured in various blockbuster films, such as North by Northwest (1959), The Way We Were (1973), and Home Alone 2 (1992).

It is the perfect place to learn more about NYC, movie history, and even literature. After all, the hotel is featured in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. Also, guests can book a stay at its Eloise suite, inspired by the 1955 book of the same name, which tells the story of The Plaza’s most famous fictional resident.  

When you are not busy learning about the hotel’s history, you can absorb its sophisticated interior design or enjoy afternoon tea at The Palm Court. Adult guests can even sample the world’s finest champagne, caviar, and wines at The Champagne Bar.

Gramercy Park Hotel

View original works of art from world-famous artists at Gramercy Park Hotel, a Manhattan hotel that has welcomed guests for almost 100 years.

Gramercy Park Hotel has welcomed guests from across the world for almost a century, from locals and tourists to distinguished figures and celebrities. The exquisite hotel opened its doors for the first time in 1925 and was designed to draw its residents uptown.

Art lovers will delight at a stay at this historic hotel, as it features impressive original collections from world-famous artists, such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Guests can book a table at Maialino, an acclaimed Italian restaurant by celebrated chef Danny Meyer.

The Waldorf Astoria

Immerse yourself in New York City’s political and entertainment history at The Waldorf Astoria. The historic hotel has welcomed many US presidents, Queen Elizabeth II, and various cultural and political figures during its extensive lifespan.

When you think of historic NYC hotels, The Waldorf Astoria likely springs to mind. Since its opening in 1931, it has welcomed political leaders, cultural figures, royalty, and iconic musicians through its doors, including Queen Elizabeth II and every US President from Herbert Hoover to Barack Obama. Plus, the hotel has played host to many high-profile events, such as President John F. Kennedy’s birthday gala and Grace Kelly’s engagement party.

It is the perfect place to learn about New York City’s role in politics, entertainment, and history throughout the decades. Also, it will provide a luxurious base for exploring the best museums, galleries, historic landmarks, and attractions the Big Apple has to offer. After all, the hotel is renowned for its fresh interior design, contemporary furnishings, and exceptional amenities.

The New York EDITION

New York Edition is set inside a 41-story clock tower, which was once the tallest building in the world. 

The New York EDITION has formed part of New York City’s iconic skyline since its construction in 1909. Located inside a beautiful clocktower, it once earned the title of the world’s tallest building and was originally built to serve as Metropolitan Life Insurance’s company headquarters. It now serves as a chic hotel offering stunning accommodation and a Michelin-starred restaurant by chef Jason Atherton. There are few better choices for learning about New York’s history, modern culinary scene, and architectural heritage.

Located in the Flatiron building neighborhood, you and your loved ones will be a stone’s throw away from New York’s most famous landmarks, such as the Empire State Building and The Morgan Library & Museum. Plus, you can relax in an opulent guest room, suite, or penthouse that features luxurious amenities and large windows.

Hotel Edison

A near century-old Times Square hotel opened by its namesake Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb.

If you are hoping for an illuminating stay in New York City, Hotel Edison is a must-visit. The stylish Times Square hotel first opened its doors in 1931, when Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb, turned on its marquee lights. Also, the hotel’s art deco exterior influenced various nearby buildings and attractions, which helped it become synonymous with art and innovation.

In recent years, Hotel Edison has renovated its Edison Ballroom and provides a signature collection of rooms and suites to ensure guests have a fresh, stylish, and comfortable stay. It’s an ideal location for guests to learn more about architecture, art, and innovation during a break in NYC.

St Regis

Step inside a piece of history at The St Regis Hotel. It offers a timeless, elegant interior design and features designer rooms from Tiffany and Dior.

History awaits you and your loved ones at St Regis. It was founded by John Jacob Astor IV more than a century ago. The five-star hotel has attracted many prestigious guests throughout the decades, which has provided the hotel with a rich and interesting history. Salvador Dali once lived at the hotel, as did William Paley, the founder of CBS, and his wife, Barbara. Other notable guests include Ernest Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe, Alfred Hitchcock, and Humphrey Bogart, to name a few.

Declared an official New York City Landmark in 1988, guests travel far and wide to stay at this historic hotel. It is not only the perfect destination to learn about New York’s glamorous past, but it offers an insight into exceptional interior design. It features designer suites from Dior, Tiffany, and Bentley.

Lotte New York Palace

The Lotte New York Palace is a five-star hotel constructed in 1882 and offers a convenient location to various NYC landmarks, such as Broadway and Times Square.

Lotte New York Palace offers much more than five-star luxury, as the midtown Manhattan hotel is full of history. Constructed in 1882, the building originally served as private brownstone townhouses surrounding a Madison Avenue courtyard. Since opening as a hotel in 1980, it has continued to serve as a luxurious retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Thanks to its central location, the historic NYC hotels is a top choice for tourists looking to stay near Broadway, Central Park Zoo, and Times Square. You can relax in a hotel visited by many world-famous figures, including US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Also, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani had a suite at the hotel during the early 2000s. Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson often used the hotel as a Big Apple vacation home.

This list of historic NYC hotels to stay with kids is TOO HELPFUL! Now, let's get to planning!