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Have you ever found a group of ladies that just make you feel at home? They support you, they laugh with your, share your victories and share your heartaches? In the homeschool world, we need support from our fellow ladies. Some who have been there and done that and some who have a fresh perspective. For me, I’ve found my “girls” in iHomeschool Network.

iHomeschool Network is blessing one mama with a $700 cash giveaway! One week only!

What is iHomeschool Network?

It’s a network of moms, grandmas, sisters and friends who provide the internet with some of the most encouraging homeschool blogs on the internet. iHomeschool Network is made up of just over 100 of the top homeschool bloggers on the net. And I’m lucky enough to not only be a member, but to call them friends!

iHomeschool Network has the perfect mix of bloggers. From history buff Ticia (Adventures in Mommydom) to the encouraging Renee (Renee at Great Peace.) We have our own “homeschooling high school” pro, Ann (Annie and Everything) and art guru, Alisha (Masterpiece Society.) We even have the ever-hilarious snark extraordinaire, Jennifer (HifalutinHomeschooler.) No matter what your style is, we’ve got a blogger for everyone!

$700 Cash Giveaway

This week, the great ladies of iHomeschool Network are teaming up to bless one of our readers. We know that everyone has started the search for the perfect homeschool curriculum for next year. And, as we all know, curriculum is EXPENSIVE! Even for a penny-pincher like me, it’s not rare to spend hundreds of dollars on the upcoming year. But wouldn’t $700 cash be a HUGE blessing to your family? And the best part? You don’t have to spend it on curriculum. You can spend it on new socks or a trip out of town or on a hot date with your hubby. We don’t care what you spend it on! In fact, our last winner splurged on a new couch for her family!

So, what would YOU do with an extra $700 cash?

Click here to find out how to enter!!!

iHomeschool Network is blessing one mama with a $700 cash giveaway! One week only!