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5 Ways to Build Confidence In Math

Many kids struggle when it comes to math class but what if you could build confidence in math, without leaving your child feel overwhelmed?

Boring old textbooks and long lectures leave students feeling defeated and buried in math woes. But what if you could help your child succeed by helping them grow their confidence in math?

The good news is, you CAN and we’ll show you how!

These easy tips to grow your child's confidence in math are SO helpful! Especially #4.

5 Ways to Build Confidence In Math

Quick Wins:

Kids begin to feel frustrated after they get answer after answer incorrect. You can easily build confidence in math by providing them with quick wins. You can do this by revisiting a section of their math lessons that they clearly understood and enjoyed.

By allowing them to knock a few problems out of the park, you’ll help them become feel more positively about math.

Build Confidence:

Math often feels kids feeling defeated but you can help build their confidence by talking positively around math. Don’t let your child know that you, too, dread math time.
Use encouraging words and praise even the smallest accomplishment. Tell them you noticed how much better they’re doing in math or that you appreciate their effort, even when things don’t go their way.

As they gain momentum, their confidence in math will grow and grow.

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Use Short Lessons:

Some math books tend to drag out math lessons, as if you have nothing more to do in a day. Long, boring lessons lead kids to feeling frustrated. They zone out during the hour-long lecture then fumble around with what they need to do once they’re presented a list of problems.

Short lessons not only help build confidence, but they also motivate the child to fully learn the topic.

Incorporate Math Into Everyday Life:

Many things we do in our everyday life can help your child grow their confidence in math. Going to the grocery store teaches them to round numbers and keep a running total in their head. Cooking teaches them to add or subtract fractions, as needed.

Using everyday living as a math tool helps your child be more confident when they sit down to do their math lessons.

Use the Right Curriculum:

There’s no point in fighting with a curriculum that doesn’t suit your family well. Instead of insisting on using that overpriced curriculum, be open to the idea that tossing it out the window and finding something that works FOR you, not against you, is a wise choice.

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These easy tips to grow your child's confidence in math are SO helpful! Especially #4.