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5 Must-Read Books for Students

How many of these “must-read” books for students have you read?

Reading has been one of the most popular ways of spending free time for centuries and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. Although nowadays kids spend more time glued to their smartphones than ever, reading still has its place in society. Parents and older generations know how important it is when it comes to children’s mental development and education, especially while they’re still in school or college. There are various must-read perfect bound books out there, and now we’ll go over 5 of the best ones for students. These aren’t only for students, but if you’re currently at a college, we insist you give at least some of them a chance.

Love this list of must-read books for students!

5 Must-Read Books for Students

“The Story of an Hour”

If you’re a fan of stories that focus more on the mental side of things rather than action, “The Story of an Hour” is a perfect option for you. The story revolves around a young married woman Louise Mallard, who suffers from heart disease and is being taken care of by her sister and a friend while her husband is on a business trip. If you’re not sure whether this book is for you, check out “The Story of an Hour” summary as it will give you good directions about the book and help you better understand it. Like with most summaries and essay examples, it will make it easier for you to get a grasp of the book and related topics.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad”

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” is a really popular book among entrepreneurs and people with the same philosophy as them. Many of them said that the book completely changed their view on life and working when it comes to making money. It teaches you how to change from having a worker’s mindset to having one of an entrepreneur. Its author Robert Kiyosaki describes his journey from being relatively poor and reading his student’s book to becoming a multi-millionaire and everything he learned during it. Anyone interested in personal finance and self-growth will enjoy this book and learn many valuable lessons from it.

“12 Rules for Life”

Jordan Peterson is most famous for the speeches he holds in many universities in the US, as well as his debates with other psychologists, so it’s not a surprise that his book “12 Rules for Life” is also very popular. It’s a self-help book containing life advice for various situations. It teaches you how to take on the world and become the best version of yourself, all while developing friendships and partnerships along the way. Peterson incorporates his own experiences, mythology, religion, and many other things to find the best way to live your life and be happy.

“Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking”

Have you ever wondered what goes on in our brains when we make split-second decisions? Well, “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” has the answers you’re looking for. It goes in-depth about the backstage part of our brain and reveals that the process of instantaneous thinking isn’t as simple as it seems. It covers situations in which we trust our gut instinct too much, as well as situations where we analyze data more and completely disregard our gut feeling, with both of them not being ideal ways of thinking. It’s a great book for all students who study psychology and similar sciences in university.

“One Hundred Years of Solitude”

There’s a lot to like about this classic novel, and it’s safe to say that others would agree as it won the Nobel prize in 1982. As the title suggests, the main theme is human isolation. The novel focuses on 7 generations of the Buendia family and their experiences in the utopian city of Macondo. It’s a must-read for all students, as it highlights the importance of friends and family, and how we are often very similar to the surroundings we live in.


We may have gone over only 5 books here, but there are a lot more of them that we could label as a must-read. These are just a few of our favorites which cover topics important for students and young adults. So while you’re still in college or a university, try to free up some time and read at least one of these fine books. Who knows, maybe the one you pick changes your view on life and helps you in discovering yourself as a person.