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40 Strategy Board Games

Strategy board games are all the rage. But how do you know which one you should pick? While some of the best games on the market are strategy board games, there are some that just plain suck. We’ve rounded up 40 of the best, that I guarantee you will not disappoint!

40 amazing strategy board games!

40 Strategy Board Games that You’re Gonna Love!


Forbidden Island:

One of our family’s favorites because it forces you to work together instead of against each other. You’ll need to make smart moves and think a few steps ahead. Since the game board changes every time you play, even the most skilled players will get stumped trying to get off the island before it sinks.


This card-game-meets-board-game is a classic. Block and remove your opponents chips to make it a ton of fun! Your goal is to get 5 chips in a row to win the game.

40 amazing strategy board games!
Battle Sheep is a family favorite! We play it All.The.Time.!!!

Battle Sheep:

A must-have strategy game for anyone who loves a challenge, this quick-thinking strategy game is a hit.  Move your sheep from one side of the board to the other, blocking your opponents and covering as much land as possible. With only a few simple rules, it’s easy to learn and understand but so much fun you’ll become addicted. (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.) 😉


Players will plant grains and vegetables and farm boar, cattle and sheep to feed their family. The larger their family grows, the more crops they will need to feed them. This fun game takes about 30 minutes per player (up to 4 players) to complete.


For a game that’s been around for 4,000 years, Go is as much fun as modern games. The fact that it’s portable and lightweight is an added bonus. With only 2 simple rules, the game is also incredibly complex but easy to learn.


Using battlefield strategy, 2 players compete to capture the other’s flag and win the battle. Perfect for helping to learn military ranks.


uDog is one of the most fun games we’ve played lately! With a gorgeous wooden board and high quality game pieces, I know this is one of those rare board games that my family will pass down to the next generation.

The game is simple, easy-to-learn and a blast for all ages to play! At first glance, the game looks like nothing spectacular, you’ll soon find yourself trying not to get switched, burned, or blocked!

If you’re looking for a game that will definitely cause laughter, uDog is it! (But be prepared for you kids to shout “Ahhh, you dirty dog!” at you many times throughout the game. LOL)


Patchwork is a 2-player game that will have you thinking ahead and trying to create the best quilt using the pieces and buttons you have.  This game is perfect for kids and also a favorite for date nights.


Players try to solve the problem to stop the stampede and allow the animals to pass over the bridge. They can only pass in a certain order and it’s the players’ job to find that order. Perfect for ages 3+ but with 5 levels of difficulty, everyone will enjoy it!

Big Brain Academy:

Stimulate your brain and keep the whole crew in stitches as you compete to answer the most questions correctly. With speed as the goal, accuracy takes a backseat, resulting in hilarious answers.


Increase your mental agility with this fast paced card game that requires no turns or waiting. Kids can compete against adults to identify a “set” of cards. Use colors, shapes, shading and numbers to create a set.


If you’re looking for a challenge that requires quick-thinking, this is your game. The board game changes with each turn, so you don’t have time to strategize much. Take turns moving the board as you collect your treasures.


From one of our absolute favorite companies, Blue Orange Games, this strategy game is fun for all ages. Choose your dominoes wisely to score the most points possible while expanding your kingdom. This game is a fun twist on classic dominoes.


This hour-long game is perfect for three to four players. But beware, those opponents will be sneaky and try to take over the world. This game is HUGE in the gaming world and people just can’t get enough.


A classic game that tests your strategic thinking and planning. Bonus points: There are hundreds of chess clubs across the country that will teach you the basics of gameplay. We love the No Stress Chess game, as it guides young kids until they are comfortable playing on their own.


All ages will love this strategy game. With a few simple rules, this engaging game is perfect for anyone who can identify shapes and colors. Your goal is to build lines of matching tiles and earn points!


This game of alliances, battles and attacks is perfect for older kids, tweens, teens and adults. You try to take over the land with the roll of a dice.

40 amazing strategy board games!
We could play “This Belongs in a Museum” for hours!

This Belongs in a Museum:

Strategically place your tiles in this fun game. Swap and rotate your tiles during game play for added fun. Outwit your opponent on the archeologist dig to win the game! Create digsites next to each other, using seas and mountains in order to score.  The game is quick to learn yet hard to win. You’ll spend hours playing this game, as it is different each and every time you play!




This family-friendly game is perfect for family game nights. Each player starts the game with 21 pieces and strategically placing them before the end of the game.


Players try to break the code using logic in 10 moves or less. Each turn, the

codemaker will give clues to help the code breaker determine the code.  This game is perfect for younger kids, as well as adults!

Looking for more educational games? Don’t miss these:


This quick-thinking game will make you fumble with your hands, as well as your brain. Players will race to beat opponents to recreate the pattern on the mind-puzzling cards . Three rounds make fun a fun and fast-paced game that all ages will enjoy.

Doodle Dice:

Doodle Dice is a fun-loving game that kids will love. Take turns drawing cards and rolling the dice to try to match the drawing. There’s just enough luck and strategy involved that older players don’t have an unfair advantage.


Use the die to decide which colored bars you will be placing first. Try to hang your bar in any way, without making the entire structure fall. A slow and steady hand, as well as a bit of strategy make this fun game a success with kids and adults of all ages.

Ticket to Ride:

One of the most popular specialty games of all time, Ticket to Ride will take players on a quest across the Unites States in just 7 days. Based on “Around the World in 80 Days,” this game is packed full of geography and strategy.


In this exciting game, players will build the area surrounding a city, one tile at a time. Then the players will place followers along the board and they will use their followers wisely, in order to win the game.


At first sight, the layout of this game can seem intimidating but it’s not complex at all. It’s a quick and easy game that is simple to learn. The game can be played with 2 to 4 players and completed in just 30 minutes!


Work together to save mankind before the 4 diseases spread and wipe out everyone. Using each player’s strength, players work together to win the game.

7 Wonders:

If you’re looking for a great strategy game with excellent replay value, 7 Wonders is just what you need. 3-7 players will enjoy this 30 minute game. Each player is the leader of one of the great ancient cities and strives to provide resoureces, build a city and roads and develop routes that will last the longest.

40 amazing strategy board games!


This crazy-fun game is also very simple. Using the round game board, you need to get 4 of your colored balls in a row before your opponent can. The circular design makes this game much more challenging, yet even the youngest players will love it. It’s a game of strategy but you must pay close attention to each and every one of your opponent’s moves if you want to win!

Axis and Allies:

As one of the longer-lasting games on our list, Axis and Allies is as much fun as it is time-consuming. But if you do have a good 3 hours to play board games, this one will quickly become a favorite, as you learn about the battles of Normandy and some of the greatest battles of the 20th Century.


A classic game for 2, this quick game can be won by locating and taking down all 5 of your opponents ships. Using strategy will make the game all the more fun!


Each player tries to remove all of their checkers off the board before their opponent does. Using specific moves, this classic game is often compared to Chess.


Collect raw gems and then find adequate transportation that will allow you to sell your gems in a storefront. With simple rules, this game is a favorite for young kids who can catch on easily.

The Castle of Burgundy:

Make wise decisions to help you build, trade and sell in this Medieval set game. Players will build their regions, using tiles by collecting colored tiles to create the best kingdom possible.


A family favorite, Mancala is a 2 player game that is so simple it’s hard to believe that it’s so much fun.  Using strategy will help you land your stones in the perfect space, allowing your turn to continue.

Stone Age:

Players will master the resources of their Stone Age village to earn victory points. With vibrant images, wooden dice and leather dice cup, it’s simply gorgeous. This is the perfect bridge from Catan to more complex strategy board games.


Work through 60 puzzles to enhance your reasoning skills as each level gets harder and harder. Create structures to develop geometry and improve dexterity.

Connect 4:

This quick and easy game is perfect for all ages! Two players add tokens, one at a time, to the board, trying to get 4 in a row. The catch is that it can be in any direction. Block your opponent and watch your back in this simple game.


Players race in a head-to-head action in this fast-paced card game. The rules are simple: match like shapes, colors or count on your cards and get rid of your draw pile fastest! Kids and adults will love this quick game.

Rush Hour:

Play begins on this one person game by setting up the board as instructed by a card. The player will try to remove the red car, by moving the other cars strategically in a straight line. With 40 challenge cards, hours of fun will be had with this simple game.

Roller Coaster Challenge:

Solve each challenge by building the coaster demonstrated on each card. Work together to create the perfect roller coaster using this strategy game-meets-Lego type of game. The best part is that there are hours of open ended play once you’ve completed all of the challenges.

Color Cubed:

This simple game brings fun for all ages. Try to match colors to earn points. Match the corners of each square to earn up to 3 points per turn.


Using logic, keep the animals away from the opponent. For instance, you’d never put an angry dog next to another dog and you’d never put a cat next to a mouse.) The game is over in jut 5 minutes but will be played time and time again to create hours of fun!

If you’re looking for a good time, without breaking the bank, strategy board games are the way to go. They grow with your child and offer years of game play! The problem is trying to decide which ones to buy first!

40 amazing strategy board games!
Add some fun to your learning with this list of over 150 board games, arranged by subject!