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4 Tips for Working From Home While Homeschooling 

Although homeschooling is the ultimate rewarding experience for teaching your children from the security of your own home, at times it might feel challenging to juggle schooling with working.

And, if you’re running your own business, these challenges become increasingly difficult to manage. 

Whatever the age of your children, and their level of schooling, here are just four tips for balancing both worlds and achieving success.

Love these tips for working from home while homeschooling!

4 Tips for Working from Home While Homeschooling

Establish a Routine

Routines are hugely important for children’s wellbeing, as it promotes a sense of safety and predictability in their day.

Establishing a routine during a working/homeschooling day will provide you with a sense of freedom to achieve everything you need. It will also helping your children to feel safe, secure, and grounded.

A routine can involve time split. Some times, the children are being actively taught with a presentation or demonstration. Other times, they are self-taught with a semi-supervised activity like matching questions with answers, textbook work, or other activity. These activities do not require much interference from the parent.

Additionally, you could use break times and lunch to get extra work done while the children engage in free time.

Use Flexi-working Hours

Flexi-working has become even more popular in recent years, and is often used for those with childcare commitments. If you don’t already use flexi-working, it’s a good idea to talk to your employer about trialling it if you can.

This will allow you to work the hours you choose, as long as you fulfil your contracted hours per week. With flexible working you can homeschool during the typical work day,, or when the kids are otherwise occupied.

To keep track of business commitments like meetings, it might be a good idea to invest in either a physical or online calendar. Options like Google Calendar, can sync across all your business devices so you never miss an occasion.

Use A Reward Chart

Managing the behavior of your children during homeschooling might be one of the more significant challenges you face as a home working parent.

Using a reward chart can be helpful with managing behaviour, as this can be a physical indicator of good behaviour, and you can track towards completing targets and milestones with gold stars or stickers. You can find templates for reward charts from websites like Canva that will give an excellent quality finish.

Use Virtual Recruiting Software

If you’re running a business made up of remote workers, you may want to adopt strategies to free up as much time as possible for homeschooling. 

You can use software like Oleeo to use virtual recruitment services, which will help you to interview and hire candidates remotely at any time.

The software can help you to schedule interviews promptly. The artificial intelligence in the system is well-equipped to screen and categorize applications according to the industry experience, skills or qualifications that applicants may possess to make them the most appropriate fit for the role. 

Do you have any tips for homeschooling while working from home? Leave your answer in the comments section below!

Love these tips for working from home while homeschooling!