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3 Ways to Get More Done as a Busy Mom

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Do you feel like you just don’t get anything accomplished, day after day? No matter how you try, there are just no ways to get more done? You feel like the day flies by and also simultaneously draaags on, each and every day?

While being a stay-at-home mom presents plenty of distractions, it is possible to find ways to get more done each day.

Love these ways to get more done around the house!

Ways to Get More Done as a Busy Mom

The truth is, there are plenty of resources out there that promise to guide you to becoming a multitasking guru, who tackles her to-do list, day after day.

But in reality, most of those ideas don’t work for stay-at-home moms. After all, we never plan for diaper blow-outs, sick kids or unannounced company dropping by.

I’ve been there and I know the struggle. But I’ve found a few tried and true ways to get more done each day, even when you can’t follow a schedule.

Lace Up:

I had no idea that a simple act, like putting on my shoes everyday, could have such an impact on my productivity.

But when you get up and get dressed, you’re subconciously telling yourself that you’ve got things to do.

And, SUPRISE! You actually do them.

For years, I walked around my house in my mom uniform (leggings, a tunic and barefeet) but as soon as I made it a habit to wear actual shoes, I noticed I started getting more steps in AND my to-do list was getting more tasks checked off each day!

Stop Scrolling:

If you’re anything like me, you are easily distracted by your phone each day. Every noise my phone makes grabs my attention. Each time it lights up with a text message, I instinctively reach for it. When I have a few seconds of downtime, I grab it and start mindlessly scrolling.

To avoid this, I’ve created new habits:

  • Set daily time limits
  • Leave your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode until 2:00 pm
  • Unfollow everyone (this is not the same as unfriending everyone)
  • Put your phone in a drawer or cubby until a designated time
  • Set a 5 minute timer and force yourself to put the phone away when the timer goes off

Stack Your Habits:

One of my new favorite ways to get more done around the house is to habit-stack.

This concept is simple but it’s so simple, it’s genius!

Take one habit that you already do and each time you do it, add another habit.

For instance, you already brush your teeth each morning, so when you do it, follow it with a quick clean of the bathroom vanity. Spending 1 minute each morning doing the new habit and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to keep up on tasks.

A few other easy habit stacks:

  • take out your trash each time you walk to the mailbox
  • clean your garbage disposal each time you start your dishwasher
  • sweep your porch each time you water your outdoor plants
  • clean the surface of your desk each time you take your emails
  • set out the next day’s clothes after your evening shower
  • pack your lunch as you put away leftovers from dinner

Armed with a few good habits, you can find ways to get more done, no matter how chaotic your schedule is!

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Love these ways to get more done around the house!
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