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3 Educational Games for Kids

3 Educational Games for Kids

Keeping kids busy and entertained can be a challenging task for parents. It seems all too often that, within a short time, the inevitable, “I’m bored” complaints begin. Finding something that they enjoy doing that also has an educational benefit is an even loftier request. Parents may not believe it’s even possible.

Before you get frustrated with the boredom or give in to them playing hours’ worth of video games so they can stay entertained, here are three great educational games that kids can play. Having this list of games available to you means you can rotate through them. This keeps the fun of the game fresh.

These educational games for kids make learning EASY!

3 Educational Games for Kids

Word Games are Challenging, Fun and Quite Addictive

If you’ve ever played a word game yourself then you know how fun they can be. They are the kind of game that can be very addictive, as you’re constantly trying to beat your score. The key is to choose word games that are meant for their age and skill level so that they don’t get discouraged. Some of the more popular word games are wordsearches and crosswords, but why not make your own word game for kids?

You can use this online tool for word games that involve unscrambling. Unscramble word games involve giving your child a word where the letters are scrambled up. They have to make sense of the letters and figure out what the word is. You can tweak this to match up to their age. Make sure the words are ones they would be familiar with. It can even help younger kids with spelling and vocabulary. It also makes their school studies and homework a bit more fun.

Puzzles Encourage a Variety of Skills

Puzzles are another activity that allows you to adapt the skill/challenge level to match your child’s age. Solving a puzzle will work on your child’s fine, gross motor skills, and visualization skills. They help with creativity, are a lesson in problem-solving, and teach them about solving concepts in a more abstract way than they are used to. 

You’ll find everything from basic puzzles with oversized pieces meant for young children, to intricate jigsaw puzzles with hundreds or even thousands of pieces for older kids. Depending on the size and scope of the puzzle, this may be an activity they work on a little bit at a time. A massive jigsaw puzzle won’t be solved in an hour or two. But they can keep coming back to it for days/weeks until they complete it.

Prodigy Gives the Thumbs Up to Online Play

While your first inclination may be to limit the video game time for kids, if they are between the ages of 6-12 then there is a solution that offers up fun, engagement and plenty of educational opportunities. Prodigy is an incredibly popular math game, with many teachers recommending it as an activity for students. 

The game is math-based, and kids will work their way through all the levels by solving math problems. They will earn rewards and go on quests and the content will become more challenging as they level up. The math problems and questions will be geared to their age group, building on the skills they are learning in school. Prodigy can be played on desktops, Chromebooks and Android and iOS devices. 

It should also be noted that just a couple of short months ago, Prodigy expanded its offerings and now offers Prodigy English – which is meant to help kids expand on their English learning skills, like what they learn in the classroom.

As you can see by these examples of games, they can be engaging and fun while having an educational twist.

These educational games for kids make learning EASY!