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25 Days of Christmas Books for Kids

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Each year, I try to do something to make the Christmas season special for my kids. I’m not huge on shopping but I do love the feeling of giving gifts. Christmas morning is pretty minimal at our house because I’d rather focus on making Christmas memories than giving Christmas gifts. This year, I’m simplifying Christmas and doing 25 Days of Christmas books for my kids!

We usually wake up and have a hearty breakfast, followed by stockings and a couple of gifts. After that, we play games, enjoy a big lunch and spend the day doing nothing in particular. It really is the greatest time of the year!

This year, I’m hoping to try something a little bit different in the days leading up to Christmas. I’m buying a bunch of books and wrapping them individually, to create the “25 Days of Christmas Books.” I’ll give my kiddos one book each day, for 25 days. (Not one book each, just one to share!) 

While that seems like a lot of books, we haven’t been using the library as much as usual and are aching for some fresh reading material!

I love the idea of "25 Days of Christmas Books" for kids this holiday season and this list does all the work for me! Best of all, these books are educational AND fun!

25 Days of Christmas Books

The Big Book of Comparisons: 

Have you ever wondered how deep the ocean really is? This book doesn’t just show heights but also weights, strength and gravity. It compares 4-5 things and really helps you understand the size better!

On the Farm:

Some of our favorite Usborne books are from the “Shine a Light” series! You can use a flashlight to shine through the page and see what’s on the other side. Kids love these books and this element of surprise!

Everyone Poops:

We’ve had this book in our collection for YEARS and it never gets old. The kids laugh and laugh, every time we read it! I love that it’s not just silly, but also educational.

100 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly:

When little hands get antsy, I pull this book out and have them fold and fly an airplane. Each book contains several different styles and gives step-by-step instructions for how to fold the included paper.

Big Book of Dinosaurs:

If you’ve got a dino-lover in your house, you have to have this book! The pages fold out to show just how HUGE these beasts really were. And, like all of Usborne’s non-fiction books, it’s jam-packed with fun facts that keep kids interested in reading.

Busy Train Book:

This interactive train book is perfect for all train fanatics! The built-in tracks make reading it a blast. It’s geared towards kids ages 4-7 but in reality ANY age loves watching and reading along.

All Better:

This fun book is perfect for little ones! My son loves putting the reusable band-aids on the animals and I love that the band-aids have held up so well over the years. This is definitely one of our favorites at our house, even now that my kids are a bit older.

At the Garage:

Another book from the Shine-a-light series, this one shows exactly what you can expect when you go in to a garage to have your car worked on! There’s more than just repairs, though. Kids will also get an inside look at restoration and the inside of police cars and other specialty cars. 

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur:

This funny, catchy book is so much fun! Kids can act out the actions with the dirty dinosaur as you read along. They’ll laugh and laugh and make you read it again. (Ask me how I know…) 😉

Santa Post:

This adorable little book is the tale of a Christmas wish, that arrives to Santa unreadable. The story follows along as Santa tries his hardest to figure out what the letter says before Christmas Eve! Little ones will love this cute story.


Animals is hands-down my very favorite Usborne book. Filled with gorgeous illustrations and jam-packed full of tiny bits of information, this book has it all! It’s our go-to book when we want to spend the afternoon learning about animals. 

State Capitals:

This book is perfect for the geography lover in your life! It’s gorgeous pages are filled with so much information about every single state in the USA. From population to landmarks, the whole family will learn a ton!

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Improve Your Survival Skills:

The title says it all! This book is our go-to source when we want to learn about a specific survival skill. My kids have read this one over and over again, and they learn something new every day!

Look Inside Animal Homes:

Take a sneak-peek inside all sorts of animal homes. Kids will love seeing what it looks like inside animal homes. The sturdy flaps are perfect for little fingers and allow even more information to be included in the book!

See Inside Germs:

This book is a great way to learn all about germs! After a long year of sanitizing our hands non-stop, we’ve enjoyed learning all about vaccines, bacteria, viruses and so much more! The book is full of flaps that the kids just love!


This book is full of the answers to every question you have about drones! I love these easy-to-read books because they’re educational but so much fun to read, as well!

The Physics of Popcorn:

This book is about a lot more than popcorn. You can learn how microwave works, all about toast and conduct experiments with static electricity! Your kiddos will love learning all about science in the kitchen with this fun book. 

100 Things to Know About Saving the Planet:

This book is full of useful and educational information that will help us all work together to make the world a better place. With bright illustrations and fun facts, saving the earth has never been more fun. 

The Story of Inventions:

Have you ever wondered how (or why!) some things were invented? This handy little book is full of everything you’ve never even thought of. From jeans to chocolate bars and flying machines to cars, you’ll learn all kinds of interesting facts in this book!

Drawing Cartoons:

If your kids are anything like mine, they get bored easily! This step-by-step drawing book is a great way to work on their artistic skills while having fun, too!

The Extraordinary Life of Nelson Mandala:

This series is one of my absolute favorites. These books are quick and easy to read but they pack a lot of punch. There are other amazing historical figures in the series, including Amelia Earhart, Steve Jobs and Mahatma Gahndi.

The Mare’s Tale:

If you have an animal-lover like I do, you won’t want to miss this series. From pythons to cats, there are fun chapter books that involve all of your kids’ favorite animals! 

The Solar System:

Usborne has the hands-down the best beginner reading books. Their series includes everything from dangerous animals, otters, astronomy, weather, oceans, flowers and so much more. And for under $5, you simply can’t get enough of these books!

Illustrated Fairy Tales:

If your kiddos love classic stories, this book is for them! From Cinderella to Little Red Riding Hood, all of the best stories are found in this gorgeous illustrated book. 

Play Hide and Seek with Frog:

This cute little board book is so much fun and our favorite of the series. Kids will play hide-and-seek with all sorts of animals when they lift the flaps and find creatures of all sorts.

If you’re looking for a fun and simple way to add more joy to your home this holiday season, I suggest trying out the “25 Days of Christmas Books” with your kiddos! After receiving the new book, make it a point to sit down and read it with them. That way, you’re not just building their brains but also creating memories that will last a lifetime!

I love the idea of "25 Days of Christmas Books" for kids this holiday season and this list does all the work for me! Best of all, these books are educational AND fun!

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