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2020 New Year Interview for Kids

Kids grow entirely too fast. From the moment your precious baby is placed in your arms, they start changing. Every day they’re a little bit more independent and a little bit more mature. They grow and grow and grow. And, try as you do, the moments are fleeting and you can’t remember every single thing. That’s why it’s so important to write down the little facts about your kids. The end of the year is the perfect time to document your kiddos, just as they are. That’s why we created this simple little New Year interview for kids.

It's so much fun to do these! 2020 New Year Interview for kids, we're so making this a tradition. #newyears #kidsactivities #freeprintables

For just a few minutes of your time, you can have a glimpse into your child’s world. In 10 years, you’ll be happy to look back and see their favorite things and remember the little details about their lives.

I like to snap a photo of my kiddos at the same time, so I can remember exactly how they look when they filled out their interview.

Lucky for you, we’ve done all the work for you! In fact, we’ve even got 2 color options for ya!

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Looking for more New Years fun?

If you’re looking for more fun for your New Years Eve party, you can’t miss this super fun post! We’ve created a brand new Family Feud game, complete with questions about current events in 2019.

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These 2019 New Year's Eve Family Feud Questions are perfect for all ages! Created just for 2019! #printables #familyfeud #games #kidsactivities #newyearseve #2019

The questions are perfect for all ages! We’ve got everything from animals to pop stars and anything in between! With 20 questions, this game is sure to take your party from “blah” to “amazing!”

Check out a few sample questions below!

These 2019 New Year's Eve Family Feud Questions are perfect for all ages! Created just for 2019! #printables #familyfeud #games #kidsactivities #newyearseve #2019

It’s the perfect game for the whole family!