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2016 Educational Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again!

Your Christmas list is a mile long and the lines at the stores are unbearable. From the rushed attitudes to the confusing number of check out lanes that are closed, it just makes sense to stay home and do your Christmas shopping from your couch. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled an amazing  educational gift guide for kids under 10! Using this, you’ll be able to fill your carts, save your bank account and avoid any black eyes that come along with shopping the big retail stores.


I have received some items for free for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links. All are truly items we love or they were not listed on this educational gift guide.

Age 1: 

Rainbow Blocks: This adorable set of wooden building blocks will be sure to stick around for years to come.  Master fine motor skills while building and knocking down your creations. ($39.99)

Baby’s Very First Slide and See ZOO book: This interactive book is perfect for chubby little fingers to manipulate. With just a small touch, slide the image to see the image transformed. Take a trip through the zoo and see all of the animals your little one is sure to love. (14.99)

Shape Sorter: This classic baby toy is perfect for little hands! Learn shapes, colors and learn as they go. ($4.88)

Peg Building Set: Test your little ones abilities with this peg building set designed specifically for children under 3 years old. Sort by color, stack and maneuver the educational pegs. ($19.97)

Age 2:

The Farm A to Z Puzzle and Playset: If you’re anything like me, you prefer quality toys over cheap plastic sets. With this fun puzzle from Begin Again, you can not only master puzzle skills but also use the pieces as a learning tool. Use the puzzle pieces to learn letters, both capital and lowercase, as well as practice letter sounds. Made of wood, this high-quality toy is one that won’t be shoved into the closet and forgotten! ($40.00)2016 Educatoinal Gift Guide

Tractors: This book covers it all. Farm-life is always popular with tots and they’re sure to fall in love with this book while lifting the flaps to discover what’s below.  ($9.99)

Magnetic Blocks: I love any toy that helps gain skills and Bear needs all the help he can get using his fine motor skills. Using these magnetic blocks, you can build anything imaginable. This particular set even includes number blocks, to help learn your numbers! ($29.99)

Jumbo Farm Animals: This set of farm animals isn’t your typical set of cheap plastic animals. Large and easy to grip animals make them a favorite. In fact, we’ve had our set for over a year and it didn’t take me long to get rid of all other farm animals and keep only this set. They have seen hours of play and held up amazingly. ($29.99)

Age 3:

Match It Spelling: One of my favorite puzzles for little ones is this simple set from The Learning Journey International. Learn to spell simple words while doing a puzzle. Keep little hands busy while expanding their minds! ($11.99)2016 Educational Gift Guide

Giant ABC and 123 Train Floor Puzzles: Puzzles are such an awesome learning tool with this age group that I had to include another favorite. With over 10 feet of puzzle, little ones love putting these together, time and time again. Master fine motor skills while having trainloads of  fun!($14.99)

Very First Book of Things to Spot: This hands on book is the perfect alternative to “Where’s Waldo” for the younger crowd. Search the colorful pages to discover all sorts of things. Each page provides plenty to discuss, find and explore. ($11.99)

Brainy Box: My 3 year old fell in love with frogs when we received our Brainy Box! The puzzles, books and activities included are just perfect for moms who love activities but hate hunting down supplies. It comes equipped with several crafts, activities and educational supplies. Sign up for the monthly subscription or choose which box your child will enjoy the most! ($49.99)

Age 4:

Big Book of Dinosaurs: Huge dinos plus fold-out pages equal hours of fun! Small bits of information will make learning fun for little ones. Learn the names of dinosaurs while enjoying the engaging illustrations. ($14.99)

Educational Gift Guide: Design and Drill RacecarDesign and Drill Power Play Vehicles Race Car: If I had to guess how many times this car has been taken apart and put back together in the last month, I’d probably say over 100! My little guy never gets tired of using the “real” drill and I never tire of seeing him master it! With sturdy parts, this is by far one of my favorite toys we’ve owned. It’s provided hours of fun and quiet concentration (!!!)  from my otherwise wild guy! ($21.99)

Spot It! Jr: This quick-thinking game keeps kids on their toes while strengthening their visual skills. Try to locate the animal that appears on both cards. It sounds simple but the size variations can get tricky! ($12.99)

Sprout and Grow Window: Winter is the perfect time to bring your green thumb indoors. With the Sprout and Grow Window set, you’ll be able to grow the included beans with minimal effort. Watch them each day as they reach a little higher! ($14.75)

Age 5:

Sophie’s Seashell Scramble: Grab the seashells using the Otter tweezers and match the patterns to the ones on your card. This simple and quick game is perfect for little ones but my older kids enjoy it as well. It’s easy to learn and can be cleaned up in seconds! That’s my favorite kind of games! ($21.99)

The Gas We Pass: A Story of Farts: Because, let’s face it. Farts are funny. Think there’s not much to say about farts? Think again. This book will have you laughing and learning at the same time! It’s the perfect companion to Usborne’s Lift-the-Flap What is Poop? ($12.99) The not-so-subtle illustrations will ensure this becomes a favorite! ($7.99)

Legos: Because it’s never to early to get started on your Lego collection. Every kid loves them and the sooner you purchase them, the more use they’ll get! Pick up a box of classic Legos or order a themed set. Either way, boys and girls alike will love them! ($30.99)

Bubble Science: Blowing bubbles just got a little more fun! With this Bubble Science kit, your kiddos will learn to make different sizes and shapes of bubbles with little effort! ($10.50)

Age 6:

Little Passports Monthly Subscription Box: What’s better than traveling the world? Having the world delivered to your doorstep every month. With Little Passports, your child will take “trips” to other countries, learning about traditions, custom foods and landmarks. A new country is sent to your child each month, with a suitcase full of educational activities, passports and maps! ($11.95/month)2016 Gift Guide

Lift-the-Flap Atlas: Take a trip around the world with this hands-on world atlas. Learn everything from the where the tallest waterfall is located to where you can find the deepest part of the sea. With vibrant colors and engaging illustrations, this is guaranteed to become a family favorite! Travel the world with your kids without leaving the couch.($15.99)

Kwik Stix: These ultra-cool paints are a homeschool mom’s dream. Quick and easy to use, mess-free and affordable! Not to mention they are non-toxic and perfectly safe for kids of all ages. They work well on wood, paper and canvas and dry within 90 seconds! They feel like using a glue stick, but instead it’s Tempera Paint! We love the But the best part? Target retail stores sell Kwix Stix Basic and Metalix colors so now you  have an excuse to run to Target! Yay! ($11.99)

Pick Up Sticks: Play this classic game with your little ones and test your stability. Even the slightest mishap will make you lose! Using a stick, try to remove the other sticks from the pile, without bumping any sticks besides the one you’re going for! ($6.75)

Age 7:

KEVA Colors Pops:2016 Educational Gift Guide Build a masterpiece, whether simple or complex with these vibrant KEVA planks. Build an extravagant model using the included book or simply test your balancing abilities with the planks. Made the exact same length and weight, this set of 100 planks are so much fun to add to your homeschool! Made from high quality wood and gorgeous stain, these will be a gift that gets used for years to come! ($34.95)

Extreme Adventure Collection: This set of 8 books will keep your heart rate up and make it impossible to put the books down. Grizzlies, killer whales and scorpions are just a few of the thrilling adventures this series will take you on. ($94.99)

Wooden Weaving Loom: Teach your kiddos a skill that will last a lifetime with this easy-to-use weaving loom. Not only does it boast the quality of Melissa and Doug toys, it also comes complete with everything you need to get started, from needles to yarn! ($17.59)

Super Magnet Lab: Use the magnets to flip, flop and explore the motions of metals. This huge set will provide hours of hands-0n learning so fun, they’ll never know it’s educational! With over 100 pieces, it’ll be fun for the whole family.($24.49)

Age 8:

Illustrated Adventure Stories: A fun compilation of 5 exciting adventures. With vivid illustrations and simple-to-understand language, the kids will be begging for more. In over 300 pages, this book includes several classic stories, including The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. ($19.99)

2016 Educational Gift Guide: Laura Ingalls DollSnap Circuts: Bring electronics to life with over 100 fun activities. Teach kids to be thinkers, solvers and doers with this educational gift. They’ll fall in love with electricity using this simple kit. No screwdrivers, soldering irons or tools required!

Laura Ingalls Doll: There’s something about little Laura that makes kids fall in love with the old way of life. From the covered wagons to the huge snowstorms, little ones have been enjoying Laura Ingalls stories for years. This gorgeous doll from The Queen’s Treasures captures Laura’s spunk and personality perfectly. My little one hasn’t quit playing with her Laura doll. The best part? The high quality Laura doll can even swap outfits with your other 18 inch dolls. ($99.99)

Electric Piano Keyboard: Spark a love for music with this complete keyboard set! It includes a high-quality keyboard, stool, power supply and headphones. Kids will love messing around on it until they decide to get serious about music and then they’ll fall in love with it all over again! ($119.99)

Age 9:

Complete Book of the Human Body: A gorgeous book packed with X-Rays, scans and microscopic views and jam-packed with fun facts. Exciting experiments, like how to take your own pulse, are included. Find out all sorts of fun tidbits you never knew about your own body! ($14.99)

Chalk Pastel Tutorials: My kids have fallen in love with art since we purchased these amazing tutorials from ChalkPastel.com. I love that they are simple to download, easy to understand and create a love for learning new techniques. Paired with a set of chalk pastels, this would be the ultimate gift for the artists in your life!

Fort Magic: Bring those blanket forts to life with this super-fun kit! It gives you everything you need to build the most amazing forts you can imagine. The pieces stack nicely in the carrying bag, making it easy to store but you likely won’t store it much! The kids just can’t get enough! ($114.99)

K’Nex Roller Coaster Set: With over 500 pieces, this set is perfect for building the roller coaster, ramp and half-pipe. Kiddos will love tapping into their inner-engineer using these fun building parts! ($20.65)

Age 10:

Improve Your Survival Skills: From first aid, map-reading and surviving in the big city, this book is packed full of helpful tips and ideas to help you in any worst case scenario. Snake bites, being stranded in the desert or an being lost in an unfamiliar city are  no match for someone equipped with this fun guide. ($5.99)

Learn To Solder Kit: Teach your kiddo a new skill with this easy to understand soldering kit. It includes plenty of practice opportunities so they can perfect their new skill before moving forward. With a little guidance and supervision, this will be a gift that is sure to create memories for a lifetime. ($16.99)

Quelf: This hilarious and fast-paced game is sure to be a hit with the kiddos. Trying to name a movie with an animal in the title as quickly as possible doesn’t sound hard until you’re put on the spot. The cards have 4 categories, each one equally hilarious! (Hey! Have you ever tried talking like Frankenstein all night?) ($21.99)

Rocket launch Kit: Looking for a gift that is out of this world? This rocket launch kit might be just the thing you need! Spend a day creating your rocket and send it soaring to heights as high as 650 feet. The colorful parachute is perfect for helping you relocate it upon landing. ($26.97)


Hopefully you’ve found something to spark your interest on this year’s  Educational Gift Guide! Remember, nothing you buy will ever be able o replace the memories and moments you can give your child! It’s not about THINGS, it’s about MEMORIES!

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2016 Educational Gift Guide