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10+ St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

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Many folks in the USA aren’t really sure why we celebrate St. Patrick’s day at all but they do know one thing: you gotta wear green! In an effort to learn more about the holiday and why we celebrate it, we’ve rounded up our favorite St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids!

This list of St. Patrick's Day activities for kids is JUST what I needed! Educational and FUN!

10+ St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Prepare a Traditional Irish Meal

It’s needless to say that March is a colder time of the year, where many families are searching for wonderful meal ideas that warm and fill everyone’s belly. It may come as a surprise to you, but there are a ton of Irish-themed dishes that would make for an excellent warm and hearty meal for your family. Check out these yummy ideas!

Plant Shamrocks in Your Garden

Want to pass on your green thumb to your children? You can do so by planting shamrocks in your garden to add more life and greenery to it. But if it’s too cold outside because of where you live, you can still plant them in a pot that can then be transplanted once the weather warms up.

Make Green Slime

Do your kids love making slime as much as most other kids their age? If so, then consider creating a green slime with them this St. Patty’s Day. We have several different slime recipes to choose from, so make it as festive and textured as you wish!

Textured Slime

Rock Slime for Boys

Glow-in-the-Dark Slime

Ladybug slime (Add whatever design you want! A rainbow perhaps?)

Crayon Slime

Bead Slime

Pom Pom Slime

Foam Bead Slime

Root Beer Float Slime

DIY Slime Party Ideas

How to Start a Slime Business

Create a Rainbow Craft

Finding a pot’o gold won’t be very easy without a colorful rainbow to lead you to the treasures! Check out these adorable and easy rainbow crafts for kids of all ages.

Go Hunting for Four-leaf Clovers

A four-leaf clover is hard to find, which is why it was once believed that they were a form of Celtic luck to the Irish several centuries earlier. These people believed that the four-leaf clover symbolizes faith, hope, love, and success. This is a fun little history lesson that you can share with your children as you hunt for these tiny lucky charms.

Learn the History

There’s more to St. Patrick’s Day than just rainbows and leprechauns. Check out this video that explains why we celebrate the way we do.

Give Soda Bread a Try

Back in the 1800s, a lot of people didn’t own their own oven, so it was nearly impossible for them to bake their own bread. That is until soda bread came along. This traditional Irish bread recipe is very easy to make and fun to try!

Bake Delicious Irish Treats

How does Irish apple cake sound to you as a dessert you and your family can try? Here are a few other Irish desserts that you can also look into baking on March 17th. Even if you’d prefer to stick with some of your favorite desserts, that’s okay too! You can simply add green food coloring or festive sprinkles to spruce them up for the holiday occasion.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Sending your kids out on a scavenger hunt around your home and property is a fun activity that they’re sure to enjoy. And who knows? Your kiddos might very well come across a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Make it even more fun by coming up with hilarious clues and an exciting surprise at the end, such as chocolates, small gifts, or even theme park passes.

Listen to Irish Music

There’s just something about Irish music that stirs the soul and gives you the desire to get up and stepdance. Don’t believe me? Whether you consider yourself a dancer or not, check out these classic Irish tunes and see if you can resist the urge to get up on your feet.

Don’t Forget to Wear Green

Above all else that you do this St. Patrick’s Day, save your children from the trauma that they’ll have to endure if they forget to wear green. Homeschoolers are notorious for being good “pinchers” so this is the most important of all St. Patrick’s day activities for kids.

These St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids will make your day just a little bit brighter, even if you don’t find that pot’o gold at the end of the rainbow!

This list of St. Patrick's Day activities for kids is JUST what I needed! Educational and FUN!